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    When I think of genuine ethnic restaurants in Louisville, I often associate them with Louisville’s South End neighborhoods. There is one gem, however, nestled in East Louisville that offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with a traditional Chinese dining experience.

    Jade Palace, located in Westport Village, serves up delicious Cantonese style Dim Sum.  Dim Sum is a style of food consisting of small plates.  It is traditionally known as Yum Cha (or drinking tea) and can begin as early as 5AM in China. Lucky for us, Jade Palace serves Dim Sum all day so you can even have it for dinner! Prices range from $2.80-6.99 and include everything from dumplings to noodles.  

    For an authentic experience I recommend the following small plates:

    Cheun Kuen - spring rolls fried crispy and flaky with vegetable filling

    Har Gow -steamed shrimp dumplings
    Siu Mai – small steamed dumplings with shrimp and pork often topped with crab roe
    Char Sui Bao – steamed fluffy buns filled with Cantonese style bbq pork
    Char Sui So – puff pastry filled with Cantonese style bbq pork
    Lo Bak Go – cake made with mashed turnips
    Harng Sui Kwok – fried dumplings with 5 spice chicken and sweet rice
    Don Tot – sweet tart with egg custard

    Dim Sum is all about sharing so you can’t go alone! A group of four to six people is the best size but you can manage with just two. Make sure to order some of these other delicious items with your small plates. I would recommend Singapore Rice Noodles, Steamed Chinese Broccoli, Chinese Roast Pork, and Beef with Rice Noodle in Black Bean Sauce.

    This menu is typical of what my family orders every time we get together at Jade Palace for dinner. Dim Sum is comfort food to us and once you try it, it will become comfort food to you too. Just ask my husband! (He grew up in the US and has never been to Hong Kong but is obsessed with Dim Sum just like me)

    I grew up overseas and have spent a lot of time in Hong Kong, so I feel confident in judging Cantonese style cuisine. Believe me when I say that Jade Palace offers an authentic taste of Hong Kong and Southern China to the Louisville community.

    Jade Palace is located at 1109 Herr Lane.

    Restaurant Photo: Jessica Banta

    Food Photos: Mary Margaret Sparks

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    About Mary Margaret Sparks

    I grew up overseas in Asia and at 18 moved to Kentucky to attend Georgetown College. I received a degree in Visual Art and English Literature. I am a sculptor and textile artist focusing on advocacy work. I also have my own company called Fly Away Fox where I create unique accessories with vintage fabric such as pillows, hair accessories, children clothes and aprons. I also work at Block Party Handmade Boutique as the public relations and social media manager. I currently write for the Arts-Louisville website as a visual art reviewer and now for I try to showcase Louisville's unique food culture through new restaurant reviews, small locally owned businesses and the international community.

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