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    Join filmmaker and Louisville native David Heavener for two acting and filmmakin
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    One of my favorite filmmakers is David Lynch. Possibly his second-best film (after “Eraserhead”) is “Mulholland Drive,” wherein a sparklingly naïve Naomi Watts travels to Hollywood, overly optimistic that she will soon be “discovered” and have a glorious and glamorous career as an actress. Of course, since this is a David Lynch film, she ends up involved in a nightmarish conspiracy where the borders of reality become blurred, but the basic idea is still there: it is not uncommon for aspiring stars to make their pilgrimage to the city of angels out of some desperate belief that they will be “discovered” and live a life of fame and fortune.

    I would discourage this method of attempting to break into the film industry – mostly because we have seen recently that great things can come of independent filmmaking, but also because next Sunday, July 1, a little bit of Hollywood is being brought right here to our fair city in the form of two seminars led by the prolific actor and filmmaker – and former Louisvillian – David Heavener.

    It all takes place at the Galt House Hotel (140 N 4th Street). The first seminar, “Acting For Success,” runs from 1:00 to 2:30 and will include topics such as:
    +Create the winning headshot, resume, and demo reel
    +Getting an agent
    +Auditioning, callbacks, and booking the part
    +Improvs and cold reading
    +Resume and headshot review

    This is followed at 3:00 by the filmmaking and distribution seminar “Make Movies That Make Money,” wherein participants will learn, among other things:
    +How to develop a concept and the winning script
    +How to secure financing
    +Marketing and distribution
    +The future of film
    +Webisodes, documentaries, shorts

    The cost of each seminar is $29 in advance or $39 at the door, or $49 for both seminars. All further pertinent information, as well as online ticket sales, can be found at David Heavener's Ticket to Hollywood website.

    Image: Ticket to Hollywood

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