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    Katie Hertzig keeps Louisville fans groovin’
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    Katie Hertzig returned to Headliners on 4/26 to share her newest album Walk Through Walls with her Louisville following. Although there were some ongoing technical sound issues, that did not stop her from getting the crowd stepping and singing with her energetic dream-pop songs, new and old. When her mic failed to work properly, she just hopped somewhere else on stage to sing out of another band member’s mic. Katie did not waste any time on stage, but rather jumped from one sensational musical experience to the next, as well as from one instrument to the next. She performed most of her songs on keys, but added visual and musical interest by featuring some of her songs on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele. The other four musicians also switched instruments at times, but mainly remained with cello, bass, electric guitar, and drums.

    Many of Katie’s dedicated fans were already familiar with songs from Walk Through Walls; which she performed with sophisticated poise, although the songs themselves are very rhythmic, playful, and synthesizer-driven. The lead guitar parts were simple, but very effective in adding a second layer to Katie’s catchy melodic vocal phrases. The most impressive element in this performance was Katie’s compelling female stage-presence accompanied by powerful female-dominated back-up vocals by the cellist and lead guitarist.

    Katie revealed to prior to the show, that her favorite song to perform at this time is “Frequencies,” which indeed was delivered with much expressivity. Katie’s lyrics were not the featured component of her newest songs. However, with further listening, listeners can begin to attach to the lyrical meanings underneath the layers of synthesized patterns, rhythmic lullabies, and memorable melodies. For example, “Frequencies” expresses the bravery and courage required of falling in love.

    Katie’s fans will surely return the next time this Nashville-based indie pop singer tours through Louisville. 


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