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    I was disappointed when I learned our latest stimulus wouldn’t come in a single payment. So much for buying airfare to some exotic destination! But then again — though the airlines could use the money as much as much as the next industry — I could see the administration’s pointing in dribbling the money out to us in quantities we’d spend (instead of save or pay down debt). Much-heralded statistics in mind about how money spent in the local economy stays in the local economy in mind, my husband and I decided to intentionally spend our stimulus money at locally-owned businesses. For the next few weeks we’ll spend some or all of our combined 30 extra bucks at Louisville’s home-owned enterprises.

    We started with a consignment shop. My parents visited last weekend, and my mom — an inveterate bargain hunter — wanted to hit the trail for good deals. My dad and husband in tow, we drove out Shelbyville Road to Sugarbaker’s Classy Consignments. My dad stationed himself in one of the two white chairs on the small porch while my husband tagged unhelpfully along.

    Breville wine chillerEntering Sugarbaker’s is a little bit like entering your grandmother’s attic, if your grandma has Coach purses and Born sandals. And if she smokes. Among the hundreds (thousands even) of articles of clothing, some of them must come from smoker’s homes. The store rambles through several floors in a couple of buildings, and it could take a thorough shopper like my mom hours to rummage through, inspecting every item. I’m a more targeted kind of shopper — a clean strike, in and out and I’m through. Sugarbaker’s lends itself quite conveniently to this approach. While Margaret’s on Frankfort, another favorite, is organized loosely into grown-up ladies and “juniors” and then by color, here the clothes are categorized more by personal style. It’s clear where to head if you need teacher clothes or trendy little clothes. My mom and I set out in opposite directions. I tried unsuccessfully to squash my foot into some adorable Born sandals ($12 — the last pair I bought at Dillards rang in at nearly $100) but to no avail.

    I examined the behind-the-case sunglasses and purses while my mom tried on some clothes (an effort intercepted by an exploring little boy) then we headed next door where prom dresses go to find a new life, and where multiple signs promised we’d find jeans. It didn’t take me long to rule everything out there, so I found my dad and husband both ensconced on the porch now, and perched in the sun to wait it out. Then my husband asked if I’d seen the $17 wine chiller inside, downstairs. We sped back inside to investigate, quickly conferred about whether this would accomplish much more than our refrigerator can, but couldn’t resist the price, and the idea of keeping wine cool when we have dinner on the patio.

    It turns out to be a $60 Breville chiller and works perfectly. Score 1 for the stimulus.

    Sugarbaker’s Classy Consignment
    8209 Shelbyville Rd
    Louisville, KY 40222
    (502) 426-6895‎
    10:30 - 5:30 Monday through Saturday

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