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    Kelly Richey Band's "Sweet Spirit" Soared
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    The Pre-Release party for the Kelly Richey Band’s new album “Sweet Spirit” was a high paced roller-coaster of beats pumped out to a rocking mass.  Held at Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar on Main this laid back hideaway for a variety of artists such as Kid Rock, Travis Trent, and Slash provided a stage that morphed into the heart of the place.  When I entered the front door at 9:30, Stevie Ray’s was already filled with an eager energy.   The seats and tables were occupied and a crowd had formed around the stage where T&A, the opening band, was performing.  While waiting for Kelly Richey and Jyn Yates, who were playing in the Actor’s Theater show “Girlfriend”, I spoke to Freekbass, the famed bass player of the newly formed band.  A genuinely nice guy, he spoke to me about the upcoming tour of the band, which will work its way up north and through Canada then back down the west and end in FL.  He stated that the band will be on “Studio 89” on KET Monday, February 18th.    Always on the run, at a little past 10 Kelly Richey and Jyn Yates arrived to set up for the show.  Feeling the adrenaline Kelly exuded from being fresh off the stage, the packed house erupted in cheers.  Without a moment to lose, Kelly had her obviously much loved guitar strapped on and the band rolled right into “Fast Driving Mama”.   With an easy flow and understanding of each other that is rarely seen in a newly formed band the trio slid from one rocking song to another. The new album features songs that showcase Kelly’s song writing skills and smokey voice but I was relieved to see she still showed off her guitar skills which included playing masterfully with a beer bottle as well as behind her head.  In “My Baby’s Gone Crazy” Kelly rocked out on her guitar and then shifted to a slow jam to give the hopped up crowd a rest.  This slow instrumental was followed by my favorite song of the show, “Risin’ Sun”.  The beat of this song made the listener feel like a shark in a tank.  I couldn’t help that my body was propelled by the strong, rippling chords of the bass.  Local girl Jyn Yates was not to be forgotten though, the hat she wore came off and the sticks went up as she penalized the drums and rocked the stage during her solo.  The band’s talent was showcased in this rocking party that featured three awesome musicians and talented artists who have joined forces to produce an amazingly fresh and sincere sound.

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    A Louisville implant, I was raised as an Army brat, served in the Navy, and have chosen this great city to live in. I enjoy music of basically all sorts and prefer to be outdoors whenever possible. I eagerly experience anything that life has to offer and enjoy documenting it.

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