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    Kendrick Haskins: Just a kid at heart
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    Haskins did play sports while at Murray State, in football and basketball in the intramural leagues. He played receiver and safety in intramural football, and his team went undefeated his senior year. His junior year, he played shooting guard and small forward on a basketball team that captured the Fall Championship. 

    Haskins graduated from Murray State and went on to intern at WLKY-32, in the summers from 1996 to 1998. From 1998 to 2000, Haskins worked at Channel 32 as a production assistant and photojournalist.

    In 2000, Haskins left WLKY to work as an editor and photojournalist at WAVE-3. By 2005, Haskins was devoted strictly to the realm of sports, and strictly as a photojournalist. He was promoted to reporter in 2009 and started anchoring the news in 2011.

    Haskins describes himself as “outgoing, funny, goofy, caring and a guy’s guy.”  He expressed that he genuinely cares about people.

    “I love sports, and I can sit around and shoot the bull with anybody,” said Haskins.

    As for the best advice he ever received, Haskins said a tall man named Turner from the Ohio Valley Conference first told him, ‘As long as you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

    When asked if he could relive his life, if he would do anything differently, Haskins replied that he ‘would not.’
    “Everything happens for a reason,” Haskins said, “and I love what I do.”

    Aside from his time at Murray State, Haskins has spent his whole life in Louisville. Does he like this town?
    “Absolutely. This is my hometown,” said Haskins. “It has the flavor of a big city but small town components. There’s plenty to do; and being a big sports fan, there is not a better area than being close to Bellarmine, U of L, UK and IU. The people of course . . .  are very nice, laid back and genuine. They are really open, especially to people who are not from here. Go out of town, and you always seem to meet someone from Louisville.”

    What Haskins does not like about Louisville, is Spaghetti Junction, the lack of an East End bridge and he would like to see more shopping areas down around 4th Street.

    When asked if he could meet any historical figure, Haskins said he would like to meet Martin Luther King, Jr.
    “I wonder how he kept his cool,” Haskins said, “I wonder how he could turn the other cheek. He was beaten and jailed and yet he remained non-violent. To have that conviction, to know what’s right, and to have your peers encourage you to fight back physically, but to remain true to you belief of non-violence.”

    Before Haskins dies, he believes he “must do God’s will.”

    “I believe you know you’ve accomplished that when you’re at peace with Him.” said Haskins. “And I feel He has a lot more for me to accomplish.”

    Haskins is single, but sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend. The two have been together now for two years. They met at their apartment complex. Haskins says the key to their relationship is that she has a sense of humor, and is very understanding, because with sports, a person does not have a set schedule.

    Haskins was asked what he liked best about his job.

    “It’s getting to know the athletes we cover,” said Haskins. “You get to know them as more than athletes, you get to know them as people. I give a lot of credit to the coaches because they are not only making the kids outstanding players, but outstanding people.

    “Also, while it’s hard, I love being on the go. There is very little down time. I could not work a 9 to 5 job.”

    There is a downside to his job, Haskins reports.

    “For us guys covering sports, we’re not rooting one way or the other, when it comes to U of L or UK. Fans tend to take the smallest thing and blow it up, so that you’re a fan of one or the other, or are biased toward one or the other. At the end of the day, when we cover those games when they play each other . . . we’re rooting for a great game. And whosever lockerroom we are going into after the game, we want to win, because it’s easier to cover a winning lockerroom, than a losing one.

    Photo by: Bob Densford


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