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    Every year the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue puts on its annual Pug Calendar Contest. Anyone can enter their pug's picture for a chance to win a Pug Prize Pack and a free calendar. All proceeds from the contest help the pugs of the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization (permit #P12-001005). The contest started on Sunday, June 17th and runs through September 20th.

    Bubbles, a rescued pug up for adoption at KPR

    Lacy, a rescued pug up for adoption at KPR

    Barney, a rescued pug up for adoption at KPR

    KPR 2013 Calendar Contest Rules

    1. Please submit a photo that can be seen clearly when blown up to 8.5x11 size for printing.
    2. KPR reserves the right to turn down a photo based on quality.
    3. In order for your photo to be eligible it must contain at least one Pug or Pug Mix. (They do not have to be a KPR pug!)
    4. Submit your quality photos to
    5. Be sure to include your name and mailing address with your submission.
    6. The photo with the most votes will win the coveted Cover spot!!
    7. The owner of the winning cover photo will receive a PUG PRIZE PACK and a free calendar.
    8. The photos with the next 12 highest numbers of votes will be randomly placed in the calendar.
    9. The winner for each other month (Jan-Dec) will receive a free calendar.

    Votes are $1 each, with a $3 minimum. You can spread your votes across different photos. Last year there were 150 entries in the contest.

    The Kentuckiana Pug Rescue helps abandoned and surrendered pugs in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin. The organization does not have a central location and thus each rescued pug is placed in a foster family until he or she finds their forever home. Pug adoption donations range between $125 to $325 based on a number of different factors including age and whether they are purebred or not. Currently there are 130 foster pugs looking for a new loving home.  Many of the pugs are Seniors and are the most difficult to adopt because people are fearful of the health issues that might occur as a result of their age. The fact is a Pug's life expectancy is now 13-15 years.  Better food, better medical care, and better owners are the main reason Pugs are living longer.  KPR receives requests weekly from owners wanting/needing to surrender their canine companions for a variety of reasons.  Finances would be the #1 reason owners are surrendering their pugs.

    This is not the only pug event KPR participates in. For more event information please check out the Upcoming Events portion of their website.

    Note: Anna Blanton is a volunteer for KPR and has entered her own pug, Macie (pictured at the very top and below), in this contest.

    Photos: courtesy of the Kentuckiana Pug Rescue website

    Top and bottom photos: courtesy of Anna Blanton

    Anna Blanton's picture

    About Anna Blanton

    Anna Blanton holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music (violin) and a Minor in Marketing from the University of Louisville. Anna currently plays with the Paducah Symphony, Southern Sirens, and The Porch Possums. She is also organizes the backup string section for the Beatles festival, Abbey Road on the River.

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