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    UK will host UALR at Freedom Hall, Tuesday at 7pm
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    Let's assume for a moment that the reason Kentucky is not playing UALR in in the YUM! Center is because Louisville is playing St. John's the same evening. The kicker here is that U of L will be in New York that night.  Rick isn't quite ready to let Cal in his house, at least for now. 

    The Wildcats and Trojans are both feeling pretty good about their wins Saturday; the Trojans knocked off Denver just hours after UK topped UL.  Kentucky, according to Coach Cal, will be running as a result of missed free throws in Saturday’s win, but will be rested to take on UALR.  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist emerged as leader for the Wildcat squad and with the help of fellow freshman, Anthony Davis, should lead the Cats to a victory Tuesday.  Kidd-Gilchrist averages 14.2 points per game, just under Lamb with 15.4.  Lamb leads the Cats with field goal attempts at 10.1 per game, 3-point attempts at 4.1 a game, while shooting 46.6% behind the arc.  The 48.4 FG percentage for the Cats out matches the 42.6% FG of UALR, barely.

    Arkansas at Little Rock is looking to make this game against Kentucky #3 in a row for the win column, but will have trouble getting the ball inside with Davis ready to block any and all shots.  UALR and KY are similar in terms of the age of the players.  Nine new guys are on the team, six are freshman. The inconsistency seen in early Wildcat play is an ongoing issue for the Trojans. UALR averages 64.1 points per game which, for a betting man, is overshadowed by the 81.6 average points per game for Kentucky.  The Trojans will have their best men ready for the task; senior and starting guard D’Andre Williams leads the crew in points, assists, and steals.  6’10” freshman Michael Javes leads the Trojans in blocks while 6’10” Sophomore Will Neighbor leads the rebounding cause.   

    The meeting of UK and UALR in the former house of UL will be useful for both teams as March is just around the corner.  The game will be televised on FS South, ESPN3 with tip-off at 7:00 pm.

    Cover Photos: Courtesy of University of Kentucky and University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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