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    Kentucky authors and former professors, Margaret Greynolds, Gwen Curry and Macy
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    Write what you know is one of those simple adages that finds itself touted less and less towards young and bright-eyed wordsmiths; it is an adage that perhaps seems dusty and “safe” to those zealous, energetic vanguards of the craft.  Modern writing should be unexpected, artistic, daring – requiring a leap-of-faith for both reader and writer.  But does a subject need to be an exotic stranger to conjure that so-desired literary mystique?  Let us not be so quick to place this quiet platitude on the top shelf.  Some of the most engaging and intoxicating writing of the 20th (and 21st – balls to you “contemporary”!) century was born to litterateurs who were not only familiar with their subjects, but lived them.  Anais Nin’s Henry and June?  Yes, that would be her life (one that was decidedly quite intriguing – to say the least).  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man?  Let’s call it a self-portrait.  And you may perhaps be somewhat acquainted with the concept of Gonzo journalism…Safe? I think not, sir!

    Kentucky authors and former professors Margaret Greynolds, Gwen Curry and Macy Wyatt likewise keep their subject matter close to home and heart with their new co-written release, A Community of Light (although, I would imagine there were decidedly smaller amounts of drugs and debauchery chronicled in the living inspiration).  Combining creative forces following their respective retirements from Georgetown College, the trio sings a familiar tune with A Community of Light, a narrative about – what else – three retired professors in a small college town.   Join the literary ladies at A Reader’s Corner Bookstore for a book signing and discussion of their novel this upcoming Friday, June 15th, at 4pm.

    Did they get chain-whipped by the Hell’s Angels to get their story?  Nah (at least, I sincerely hope not), but dallying with the familiar is certainly no cop-out for the keen-spirited.  End your workweek with a nod towards the literary fare and meet and greet Greynolds, Curry and Wyatt; life in person, life in print.

    A Reader’s Corner Bookstore is located at 2044 Frankfort Avenue.

    Image: Courtesy of A Reader’s Corner website


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