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    Kentucky Sampler: A Retrospective
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    The last Whisky Chicks event of the year has come and gone.  There are several more in the works, including more tasting events and mixers.  Last night’s event was the last in a three part series called the Kentucky Sampler, hosted by Westport Whiskey and Wine.  Each event focused on bourbon from different regions of Kentucky, each of which has its own unique history and geology.

    Each region was settled for different reasons at different times, and the bourbons produced in each region can have different characteristics and history.  Last night’s event explored bourbons that are native to Louisville, both historic and newer brands.  Kyle Henderson started the night off talking about the development of the Angels Envy brand by his father and grandfather, including the legend about his grandfather using Old Forester lab samples as aftershave.

    Then Jeff Crowe from The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience talked about the effect of tourism on the bourbon industry and how the Experience factors into that.  Perhaps the most telling story Crowe told was about his job interview process.  When he proudly announced he was a lifelong Evan Williams drinker, Heaven Hill President Max Shapira responded by saying he didn’t care what kind of bourbon his employees liked as long as it was made in Kentucky.  This really speaks to the family nature of the bourbon industry in Kentucky.  Everyone works together, and it really shows.

    Kelly Ramsey from Art Eatables was there to present her newest product- Whisky Chicks Kentucky Sampler packs.  These along with other Whisky Chicks merchandise will be available for sale on the Whisky Chicks website by the end of the month.  Then we got to sample the new Whiskey Row Series 1870 from Old Forester.

    Finally, Andrea Wilson and Pam Heilman from Michter’s spoke about women in the industry.  Heilman is the distiller for Michter’s, one of very few in the industry.  She spoke about how unusual it was to be a woman in the industry when she got started about two decades ago, noting that there are a lot more women now.

    Learning about bourbon can take many different forms, and the Whisky Chicks really know how to make learning fun.

    Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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