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    Yesterday, on the floor of the United States Senate, Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) joined several of his Republican colleagues in a colloquy in which they voiced their support for addressing the current debt crisis immediately and providing solutions, such as a series of spending cuts and caps and attaching balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

    Sen. Paul and his Republican colleagues spent their time on the floor today also questioning President Obama's dedication to the issue, as he participated in campaign events instead of working with Congress to address our nation's debt crisis.

    Sen. Paul  reminded his colleagues that yesterday the President went on national television and chastised Congress; quoting Obama as saying, "Members of Congress need to cancel things."  To this, the senator responded:  “Well, you know what? I agree. I'm here today, though, Mr. President. Where are you?”

    He continued by explaining that President Obama was out today campaigning for re-election, with a fund-raiser in Philadelphia tonight.  “I don't believe he's here tackling the nation's problems today,” said Sen. Paul.

    Describing the budget debate as a two-way street, Sen. Paul said, “We're here saying the nation's debt is a problem. His administration has said the number-one national security threat we face is the debt.”

    “We're here, Mr. President. And we will have an offer,” said Sen. Paul. “We don't want to raise the debt-ceiling. We don't want more debt. But you know what, as Republicans, for the good of the country, we're willing to raise the debt, but only - and I repeat, only if we have significant budgetary reform.”

    The senator went on to say, “We have to balance the budget by law, force Congress to do it, by changing the constitution. It's the only way it will ever change."

    He concluded by stating:  “Mr. President, we are here. We are here. We welcome to you come back to town in between fund-raisers and talk about how we would fix this. But we would fix this by saying, ‘yes, we will raise the debt ceiling, contingent upon a balanced budget amendment to the constitution.’"

    Watch the video of Sen. Paul's floor speech:

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