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    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
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    We expect that some readers will not consider this a monumentally important political news story, but we were simply fascinated to learn that Kentucky’s junior senator, Republican Rand Paul, cuts his own hair.

    Senator Paul confirmed to The Hill’s Judy Kurtz that he does, indeed, perform his own tonsorial maintenance on his curly locks.  An aide to Sen. Paul told Kurtz that the senator is his own barber more out of necessity and a lack of time than anything else. The staffer points out that Paul does get his hair professionally trimmed … sometimes.

    It was less than three years ago that Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Torrenueva leaked to the Washington Post that one of his haircuts for Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards cost $1,250. 

    And, who can forget that wonderful 1993 Thomas Friedman story in The New York Times, about the time two of Los Angeles International Airport's four runways were shut down for nearly an hour, while Air Force One sat on the tarmac with engines running -- all so that President Bill Clinton's Beverly Hills hairstylist, Chistophe, could come aboard and give Mr. Clinton a high-price trim before he took off for Washington.

    Barber_pole_8.gifFederal Aviation Administration spokesmen were quoted by The Associated Press as saying that while Air Force One sat on the runway on an indefinite haircut hold, two of the airport's four runways were shut down and some commuter flights scheduled to land were forced to circle instead. The White House insisted, though, that the Secret Service had not sought any special hold on air traffic while the President was getting his locks shorn.

    What is it about Democrats and their haircuts?  The self-styled “party of the working man” would be well advised to emulate some of the thrifty habits of Republicans such as Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul.  On second thought, a politician who devotes his life to spending other people’s money would come across as somewhat hypocritical if he started cutting his own hair and shining his own shoes, wouldn’t he? 

    Never mind.

    ------------'s The Arena section features opinions from active participants in the city's politics. Their viewpoints are not those of (a website is an inanimate object and, as such, has no opinions).  Connie Hornung cuts McAdam’s hair, and does a pretty nice job of it, don’t you think?

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