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    We live in a world of technology, more specifically, mobile technology. Ever capture an amazing moment with your camera phone or feel the need to share the feeling that you were overcome with the moment Justin Bieber looked you in the eye during his performance at the KFC Yum! Center? Me neither (regarding the Bieb-ster), but that's beside the point. The Louisville Arena Authority is helping you make the process of sharing these priceless moments seamlessly with it's recent enhancements to the arena's cellular capabilities.

    According to the Louisville Arena Authority the announcement includes installation of a technologically advanced Distributed Antenna System to enhance the KFC Yum! Center’s cellular capabilities. This advanced technology enables wireless providers to link into the system with their own technology and equipment to offer optimum cellular service to customers when near or inside the facility.

    “We said the KFC Yum! Center was a state of the art facility,” said Jim Host, chair of the Louisville Arena Authority. “With this investment by the Louisville Arena Authority, I think this clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer the latest technology.”

    “We want fans and patrons to be able to instantly share their experiences at the KFC Yum! Center through various technological outlets and this will allow them to do so directly from their seats,” said Alicia Dunlap, director of Information Technology for the Fair Board. 

    I've personally experienced the enhanced technology at the KFC Yum! Center and I can say confidently that the signal on my Verizon DROID 2 was in full force. I was able to upload pictures to my Facebook and Twitter account in record time.

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