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    Preview By Kevin Wilson

    Though they are still based in the bizarro world of Las Vegas, the Killers are a well-traveled band. And their roving has only intensified since achieving massive success with their breakout LP Hot Fuss in 2004.

    “We don’t come from rich families. We’ve had to work hard for everything in life. To actually make a living doing this is a great opportunity that has fallen into our lap and we don’t take it for granted,” drummer Ronnie Vannucci said of the band’s grueling schedule.

    The Killers’ gratitude pushes them, not only to tour relentlessly, but also to live the rock & roll lifestyle with a certain mindfulness that most stars never attain.

    “Obviously, we want to be able to do this for a long time,” Vannucci mused. “To drink our success away or have it go up our nostrils would be stupid. We haven’t been around too long but we’ve seen enough bad examples to know what we do not want to become.”

    An impressive and rather well-received sophomore release, Sam’s Town, was further indication that the Killers are in this for the long haul.

    And Vannucci admits that they wanted to expand their parameters even more on their third (and most recent) album but that the Killers had no preconception of where the project would ultimately go.

    “With the recording process lots of variables are involved. And in our minds there is always room for experimentation. Sometimes we will deliberately fuck with songs to make them go somewhere other than where they were heading naturally,” he explained.

    In any event, the latest Killers record, like its two predecessors, offers a backward half-look over their shoulders. However, the band’s gaze only briefly focuses on the likes of Robert Smith and Johnny Marr before once again looking forward and heading into new territory.

    “Day and Age is definitely the result of us growing up personally and at the same time maturing musically and lyrically as a band,” Vannucci explains.

    And it is clearly a fun album to take on the road.

    The Killers non-stop rambling will lead them to the Murat Theatre in Indy on Friday May 1st for an all-ages show. Things get started at 7:30 CST. For more information call (317) 231-0000.

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