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    KISS Rock & Rolled All Night at the Yum! Center [Music]
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    Kiss AND Motley Crue in the same building? Sure, why not.

    Motley Crue took the stage first Wednesday night. From the back of the Yum! Center, I noticed some sort of parade. It turned out to be the entire Crue as well as a few back-up singers and dancers who were not wearing too much. To be expected at a Motley Crue concert. After taking the stage they started the show off with a bang... literally! They had pyrotechnics going off every chance they could. Showmanship was not lacking during the Wednesday night show. Tommy Lee's drum solo started off pretty normally; then his entire drum set started revolving around a rollercoaster track. The classic "Rollercoaster" song played in the background while Tommy provided the drums. Tommy then brought on a lucky -- and terrified -- audience member up and strapped her into the drum set with him. They both then went for a ride on the drum kit. The concert was going strong. The band sounded great, the lighting and stage show were awesome. Enter the water cannons. For whatever reason, mid-concert a few stage hands went to the side of the stage a perched atop a pair of water cannons. They proceeded to hose down the entire side of the audience. Not sure what this was all about, but people were very​ upset. I guess I would be too...

    Here is the set list from last night's show:

    Saints of Los Angeles

    Wild Side

    Shout at the Devil

    Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)

    Looks That Kill

    Don't Go Away Mad


    Drum Solo

    Home Sweet Home

    Primal Scream

    Dr. Feelgood

    Girls, Girls, Girls

    Kickstart My Heart

    Next up, KISS!

    A huge black curtain draped the front of the stage. As the music started, the curtain rose, exposing KISS being lowered on a platform from the top of the Yum! Center. When they hit the stage, there were a few pyro blasts to let everyone know it was now time to rock! The guys looked great. The classic KISS makeup hid wrinkles pretty well. Paul Stanley got on the mic between songs and chatted with the audience. He was funny and seemed to love what he was doing as much as the crowd loved it. The entire show was jam-packed full of explosions, pyro blasts, and elevated platforms. Let's not forget all of the flying! After the first few songs, Paul jumped on to a zipline that transported him to an elevated platform at the back of the arena. He belted out his song and zipped back to stage. Later in the show, Gene hooked himself to a flying rig during his bass solo. After spewing some fake blood, he was whisked to a small stage on top of the main stage. He then played an entire song from the highest point in the Yum! Center.

    This was my first time seeing KISS perform and I have to say, they put on one heck of a show! Sure, the songs are a bit simple, but what the lyrics are lacking they more than make up for with showmanship. The encore had more pyro in it than Thunder Over Louisville.

    Here is the set list for last night's show:

    Detroit Rock City

    Shout It Out Loud

    I Love It Loud

    Love Gun


    War Machine

    Shock Me

    Hell or Hallelujah

    God of Thunder

    Lick It Up

    Black Diamond


    Rock and Roll All Nite

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