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    Knob Creek Offers Custom Labels
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    The other day I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I happened upon this Tweet from Knob Creek:

    Naturally, my response was to ask where the Mother’s Day label was.  The question of whether women drink bourbon has been asked and answered ad nauseam, with multiple articles and even a book dedicated to the answer.  I understand that bourbon is being marketed to men much more so than women, even in this day and age.  But why ostracize half the market over a free customized label?

    I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Noe as I was preparing for the Bourbon Classic back in January.  One of the things he said really resonated with me: “Mamma mixed her bourbon with ginger ale and I never once saw my dad give her shit about it.”  He went on to say that Booker said, “drink it any damn way you want to.”  Then there was something about if you mix it with Coke, it’s going to be the best damn bourbon and Coke you’ve ever had.

    As I sat ruminating over this latest marketing blunder in the bourbon industry, I thought about Booker Noe and the legacy he left behind.  Booker Noe invented Small Batch bourbon.  Knob Creek Single Barrel was a project that made him uncomfortable, because, according to Fred Noe, he was not a fan of inconsistency.  Ordinarily barrels are blended to get the right characteristics, because every barrel ends up different depending on where it is in the rack house.

    I poured myself a shot of Booker’s 25th Anniversary and inhaled the sweet heavenly bouquet.  And then my phone alerted me to a new Tweet:

    As it turns out, I can get a custom label for my Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon made for free any time.  It’s too late for Mother’s Day this year, but maybe next year they’ll come out with a special Mother’s Day label for all the bourbon drinking mamas out there.  I also wouldn’t mind a special custom label for my Knob Creek Rye.

    I returned to my bourbon, contemplating what to put on my custom label.  Do you have an idea?  Tweet me @LouGirl502 and tell me what you want to put on your Knob Creek label.

    Photos and Screenshots are Courtesy of Knob Creek's Facebook and Twitter

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