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    Bit to Do

    Kristen Simmons launches the next chapter in her teen series at Carmichael’s
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    The italics are working in layers here.  Letters leaning like trees on a hill for more than one reason: I am emphasizing.  I want you to feel the push of this word in cyberspace.  Shoulder to shoulder with the concept I’m going to introduce here in a handful of sentences and stuff.  Let this word drape over you.  Please. 

    This is also an act of good grammar because this is, in fact, a title.  Hubble is an IMAX film from 2010.  Hubble is a film I have seen upwards of 500 times (this is actually not a hyperbolic statement).  Hubble will pull entire galaxies out of your eyes, and your tiny self will sob uncontrollably under the exquisite weight of the universe’s grandeur.

     Hubble is 43 minutes and 58 seconds of kaleidoscopic existential crisis on your soul.  It hurts.  You will love it.

    The world is a very upsetting place.  I don’t need any additional emphasis here.  And someday everything we are will become a sweet spec of molten gold explosion blipping across lightyears for all eternity as whatever apocalypse gently swallows us.  Don’t be scared.  It’s going to be all right.  We can hold hands if that helps. 

    When I spend too much time in this world that is a very upsetting place, I pause, dig my nails into the palms of my hands and use all of my italics in one gulp of comforting soul-centering: Hubble.  I overslept by exactly 1 hour and 42 minutes today.  My fish died (his name was Hector).  That murky puddle of spilled paint on my landlord’s carpet will never come out.  I’m scared that I’m an idiot.  I’m an idiot. 

    It doesn’t matter: Hubble.  There are still stars being born.  Everything is finite and beautiful and that’s all the emphasis I can ever need.

    And Hubble is how I am introducing the next installment in Kristen Simmons’ thrilling teen series of dystopian drama.  Join her tonight, Wednesday, March 13th, at Carmichael’s Bookstore as she presents the next chapter in the saga of teens Ember Miller and Chase Jennings.  Stop by at 7pm for a special reading and signing of the new release, Breaking Point.   

    The sequel to Simmons’ first novel, the popular Article 5, Breaking Point continues the story of resistance in an oppressive post-war society as protagonists Ember and Chase struggle under the weight of a world in tyranny.  Mixing elements of romance, action and suspense, the series takes readers through an America ruled by terror and secretive power as those under power fight against the confines of repression.  Copies of both books can be purchased in paperback at Carmichael’s, with Article 5 priced at $9.99 and Breaking Point at $17.99. 

    For today, this is it: dystopia.    

    For today, here: crossroads, unexpected potholes, additional euphemism that needs no emphasis to be understood.  Upset.  Turmoil.  Varying degrees of pain and confusion. 

    It’s excruciating: Hubble

    Carmichael’s Bookstore has two area locations: 1295 Bardstown Road and 2720 Frankfort Avenue.  For more information, visit the event page or call the Frankfort Avenue store at (502) 896-6950.

    Image: courtesy of Carmichael’s Bookstore website

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