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    People who
    love karaoke in Louisville, Kentucky should know one man: Larry Doyle. Larry
    runs a karaoke show known as Larry-oke all over the Kentuckiana area - at least
    five nights a week.  Larry-oke has been going on for nine years in
    Louisville. He really knows how to keep the karaoke crowd going, but is also
    seasoned in  being a solid supporter of and staple in the Louisville local
    music scene.  Many of his karaoke guests fail to realize that he is also
    an amazing keys player. He has been responsible for many open mic and jam
    sessions, and there aren't very many musicians who don't know who he is.


    full offering of music and karaoke fun in Louisville is as follows:


    Event: 2010 BEARNO'S IDOL KARAOKE CONTEST will run for 2 consecutive weeks
    starting 9/10/2010, at Bearno's 4105 Dixie Highway. There will be 3 winners
    each night judged by a panel.  All six winners will compete in the final
    contest at Bearno's Dixie for one Grand Prize. The Grand Prize Winner will
    receive a personalized video of the entire last night's performance along with
    an appearance on Music Central TV.  In addition to that, they  will
    also receive one  any size / any toppings pizza  per week from
    Bearno's Dixie location for the remainder of 2010.


    Tuesday evening,  Doyle serves up Kentucky karaoke madness at Longshot
    Tavern 2232 Frankfort, with


    at 10 p.m.  His side kick and Mistress of Mayhem, Jodi Jervis Ennis
    encourages singers to get in costume before they take the stage. The
    kitchen stays open late.


    take Doyle across the river for an evening of karaoke at Sonny's Island Grill
    in Jeffersonville at 100 W. Riverside Drive, where guests can enjoy the weather
    on the beautiful 2nd floor patio overlooking the River and Louisville skyline.


    (9-?), (The view is amazing! It just
    so happens to be where I am sitting as I write this.) There is no smoking ban
    in Jeffersonville, so smokers can light one up inside, but the open deck keeps
    the air fresh.


    Thursdays find


    at Zazoo's Bar
    and Grill at 102 Bauer Avenue in St. Matthews. The fun starts at 11:00 pm and
    continues 'til the bar kicks everyone out at last call for alcohol.  Food
    is also served well into the morning.


    two options for musical fun on Fridays.



    If you want to get into the show and sing,
    check out

    'Family Friendly' Larry-Oke

    at Bearno's on Dixie, 4105 Dixie Highway, in the heart of Lively Shively. Great
    food, cold drinks, good people! The fun starts at 8:00 and continues until


    If you'd
    rather enjoy some live music by others, check out the All Stars at Bearno's in
    the highlands on Bardstown Road. Larry Doyle and/or Brian White share the
    evening jamming with select local performers.


    brings Larry back to Bearno's Highlands 1318 Bardstown Road, for another weekly
    serving of uncensored and unabashed, "


    This is where "


    began many years ago and still continues to entertain multiple generations of


    Photo Larry Doyle behind his Karaoke station at Sonny's in Jeffersonville.

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