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    Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble seasonably announces its latest offering, The Le Petomane Double Feature (really only lasting 90 minutes or so), including an all-new episode of our landslide audience vote winner, the live radio glory that is Gladys . . . of Adventure! plus A Very Special Holiday Special.

    The Le Petomane Double Feature will be performed on November 29, 30 and December 1, 7, 8 & 9, at 7:30 pm at the Rudyard Kipling, 422 West Oak Street. 

    Tickets are available for their usual $8-$20 sliding scale (pay what you can afford.  How fair is that?  Plus it's cheaper and more personal than an evening movie –and, you can drink!) and reservations can be made by calling the Rud at (502) 636-1311 or by contacting

    So, what exactly will they feature in this double feature?  Well:

    Gladys . . . of Adventure! - in the last episode of our comic saga, Gladys fought off the evil Dr. Benjamin Franklinstein, undead founding father and creator of The Gobbler, the biggest turkey the world has ever seen.  What unfathomable danger will she face next?  There’s only one way to find out…it’s the radio show you have to see to believe.  If that makes any sense.

    A Very Special Holiday Special - you never know where we’ll find our inspiration.  We’ve done noir, comic books, Italian masks, Shakespeare, vaudeville and Cold War spies.  This time we looked in the place where any child’s fondest holiday memories lay - Science Fiction B-movies from the 50’s!  Giant atomic beasts crushing cities.  Baffled scientists pointing skyward and shouting.  And a message of love.  Think Plan 9 from the North Pole or Godzilla vs. Jack Frost and you’ll have some idea where we’ll be leading you.

    How and why Le Petomane does it:
    On the Ensemble-Creation Process:
    "We start with an idea – sometimes a full plot, an image, or just a few cheap gags.  Then we start to play around, keeping some things and discarding others (often the very ideas that got us started; the first thing to go is usually the Ego).  Some ideas go on paper, but the show primarily comes together on its feet.  Eventually it ceases to become clear which idea was whose and the show becomes One Big Idea.   After we get enough of the show organized, staged and rehearsed that we’re sure it’s “something,” we invite in colleagues and/or friends to watch.  They laugh at some things and don’t laugh at others.  They tell us when we need to pay more attention to the audience near stage left.  We thank them.  Then we fix a few things.  Then we open."

    Check 'em out online at

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