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    The video by leather artist Robert Black was playing, showing those who were interested how to knot and braid leather. Mr. Black made a knot for me while I was talking to him, and then showed me how to do it, a decorative western braid, letting me try my hand at it. It is something I would enjoy given time, but it took him no time to make the knot as we spoke, he is a master. In his display for sale were bracelets and rings, key chains and various trinkets, all leather knots, some with magnetic and ceramic beads. His website on you tube, he told me, “teaches people how to braid leather.” If you’re interested and want to learn more, here’s the site he gave me

    Steven Hughes leather work was very interesting and unique. I asked Steven why mask and he explained to me that he started in animation and had worked at Industrial Nightmare and Haunted Hotel, then went to writing and making mask because he wanted something that he felt would continue to develop as people developed. “Mask,” he said, “are like development of character, it’s the pieces that make themselves.”  The development of a mask is like the development of a person, their personality changes as they grown, as it is carved, shaped, and painted, so it changes, just a s a person does it their growing stages. The corset Tatyana wore was carved completely by hand and although at showing was incomplete; needing the boning finished on both sides, is magnificent.

    To contact Steven Hughes or Tatyana Malkin:

    The Kaviar Forge & Gallery is an artist studio, gallery and blacksmith. Craig Forge is a master blacksmith. Kaviar Gallery also exhibits ceramics, glass, jewelry, paintings, stone, and wood made by other artist and they support the artistic community. Items for sale include baskets, belts, hats, jewelry, masks, purses, wallets, saddles and various other trinkets.

    Kaviar Forge & Gallery at 718 Frankfort Avenue


    Gallery Hours:  Thursday – Friday 12 to 6 PM and Saturday 12 to 4 PM or by appointment.


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