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    For the second time in two months, a Led Zeppelin tribute band stopped in Louisville and judging by crowd turnout, one was enough.

    Zoso isn't to blame. The LA band, which last played Louisville a decade ago, sounded solid and even spot-on at points. Each of the four members had points during the show in which they were able to evoke a strong pass at being one of the originals, including a lengthy "Moby Dick" drum solo that rivals that of John Bonham's on Song Remains The Same.

    Production simple isn't to blame for the lackluster turn-out, either. The venue was prepared for a big show judging by the revamped (and open) upstairs bar. The sound was killer and the lighting phenomenal as always.

    Two months ago, Get The Led Out (a touring Zeppelin tribute band from Philly) passed through and did an exceptional job playing Zeppelin classics as well as studio recordings that the real Zepp never even attempted to play live. Get The Led Out was close to remarkable and presented something rarely done in tribute bands. 

    Zoso was a good tribute band and they put on a good show. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to draw 500 on a cold Thursday night in Louisville. Who knows, maybe the band will get another crack at it in 2021.

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