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    With less than a week until Christmas we want to help Metro Animal Services get
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    With just a little under a week left until Christmas there are still hundreds of pets needing their forever homes at Louisville Metro Animal Services. With a grateful heart we have seen many of the featured pets on here get homes. There are still many more pets waiting for their chance at happiness and we feature some of those this week.

    Buckie is an adult neutered male Labrador Retriever who loves to play with his tennis ball. He is a well behaved guy who knows commands. Buckie gets along with other dogs and does not like to get into trouble. This handsome black guy with the striking white chest and those pretty eyes is also housebroken. Look at that smile on his face how could you resist playing catch with him? If you think Buckie would make a great pal for you then have his Pet ID # A479211 ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    Here is little 3 year old male Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix Peter Pan. The name suits him as he is a fun playful little fellow. This little man loves to play and is full of energy. He needs work on the leash but since he is such a little dog he can be controlled with a harness until he learns how to walk properly on the leash. He will entertain you while you teach him to keep himself under control on the leash. If you think this bundle of little energy will keep you in stitches and put a smile on your face then have little Peter Pan’s Pet ID # A478459 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    Meet little Razi. She is a young 6 month old Pit Bull mix puppy who needs a home. She gets along with other dogs and needs an understanding owner who won’t hold her Pit Bull breeding against her as she hasn’t done anything wrong. If you adopt little Razi from Metro Animal Services she gets free obedience training from Slugger City Bully Buddies. If you are willing to give her a chance at happiness please have her Pet ID # A480216 ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about her.

    Like Razi, Remi is also a young 6 month old male Pit Bull mix puppy who needs his forever home. Remi is a little shy but he also gets along with other dogs and needs his understanding owner. This little guy is eligible for free obedience training from Slugger City Bully Buddies if adopted from Metro Animal Services. He is such a little cutie how could you resist him. If you think you can give little Remi the responsible and loving home he needs then have his Pet ID # A480217 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services about him. Razi and Remi represent a number of Pit Bull/Pit Bull mix doggies now available at the shelter who need their understanding owners. Please check them all out.

    Basset Hound aficionados meet Cletus. He is a full blooded adult Basset Hound who does not like being in that cage. Long ears, sad droopy eyes, short legs with big paws, and that loooong body are all what makes Basset Hounds so adorable. Cletus is no exception and he would love it if someone would spring him out of there. If you think Cletus could be your hang out buddy then have his Pet ID # A481514 when contacting Metro Animal Services about him. I’m sure he would howl with joy if he got to go home with you. Yep, I have a Basset Hound so would love to see Cletus go to his forever home.

    Taka is a spayed purebred 4 year old female German Shepherd. She is regal and beautiful. She displays all the traits that German Shepherd aficionados love about the breed. She is a smart serious girl who doesn’t miss anything, This girl is ready to serve her future owner, just tell her what she needs to do and she will be at the ready. Interested in this striking girl then have her Pet ID # A480108 ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about her.

    Austin is a playful 4 month old male kitten. He is neutered and ready to go home with his new family. If you think this little guy will be make a great new member of your family then have his Pet ID # A465183 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services.

    Meet pretty little kitty Cleo. She is a young tri-colored kitty who is already spayed. She could be your next best friend. If you can give little Miss Cleo her forever loving home then have her Pet ID # A456635 at the ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about her.

    Okay, Mr. Flynn could be Garfield’s twin brother with his red tabby cat coat. He has that regal air about him. This cool cat is an adult male who is already neutered. He is striking with that red coat and those cool green eyes. If you think Flynn could be your buddy then have his Pet ID # A431781 handy when contacting Metro Animal Services about him.

    Austin, Cleo, and Flynn represent the many adult cats and kittens at Metro Animal Services needing homes, many have been waiting for a long time. When you adopt a cat or dog from this facility you help prevent more unwanted pets because all dogs and cats are spayed or neutered before being adopted out. Metro Animal Services is also a “No kill” shelter that does not discriminate against any breed when offering pets out for adoption so supporting this facility is important.

    To see all the adoptable pets at Louisville Metro Animal Services go to their section on the Petfinder website here.

    For more information on this week’s featured pets contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at: 502-473-PETS (7387), or by email:

    For more information on adopting a pet go to the Metro Animal Services website here.

    Metro Animal Service’s Animal House Adoption Center is located at 3516 Newburg Rd., Louisville, KY 40218. Metro Animal Services has several facilities where adoptable pets are housed so please check with them to see where pets you may be interested in are located.

    Photos: Courtesy of Metro Animal Services, Louisville




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