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    The local band In Lightning filled Bellarmine's beautiful outdoor amphitheater with soaring music on April 22 as part of the university's all-evening Earth Day event. This band is a unique ensemble of instruments featuring: a violin, a French horn, a cello, and the traditional bass, guitar, piano, and drums. Their composer and bassist, Ben Short, says the music is not defined by any one genre, describing it as "what would happen if the Red Hot Chili Peppers wrote movie scores." 

    Short, like 3 other members of the band, graduated from Bellarmine. As a Music Technology major, he formed his own template to limit the infinite number of possible sounds available while composing on a computer. He used this template, a mixture of rock and roll and classical piano and string instruments, to compose a song by the name of “In Lightning,” a play on the word “enlightening.” After graduation, he wanted to continue creating that style of music, especially after listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas album. Short realized there wasn't any non-holiday music in the same style, and that he could write his own songs to fill that gap. In Lightning grew from there, and the band debuted in March of 2013 at The Bard's Town.

    The already distinct show featured a fire dancer, creating an exhilarating fantasia-like paring of sound and light. 

    The music of In Lightning is an original compilation of inspiring melodies and bright harmonies. The rich instrumental sound is packed with the kind of vibrant energy that sparks more creative thinking. They are definitely worth listening to any opportunity available.

    In Lightning's next show is Friday May 9 at Atlantic No. 5 in downtown Louisville.


    Find out more about In Lightning here.

    Listen to In Lightning here.

    Top photo: Rebecca Ball; Second photo: Courtesy of Seth Dixon

    Edit: An earlier version of the text had "Lightning" spelled "Lightening." The error has been fixed, but some versions of the hyperlink may have the original misspelling.

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