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    Hey, Louisville, it’s been a good year. Here’s what went on according to list-making media people who may or may not have ever been here.

    We became (or were supposed to become) a new Brooklyn. described us as an indie music-listening, food truck lovin’, flea market shopping bunch. And we’re apparently the new wild, wild west. “College-educated settlers” are coming here to be “pioneers” and take advantage of cheap rent.

    The writer says we’re becoming so overrun with wannabe Brookynites that “NO HIPSTER graffiti tags showing up around town.” Has anyone ever actually seen one of these tags? This college-educated settler hasn’t.

    So much economic momentum! 5.6% GDP growth! 0.7% job growth! 4% population growth! This, along with some other stats put us 18th on newgeography’s 2014 Regions to Watch Index. We squeezed in right below Baltimore and right above Pittsburgh.

    Our bike trails and parks kick butt, according to Outside Magazine’s list of the 16 best places to live in the U.S. And if that inspires somebody to move here, the article says can they buy a house in the Highlands for $185, 000. Wait, what? Someone find me one of these $185,000 houses.

    But really, this is a pretty good place to buy a house. We’ve got a 67.9% home ownership rate and homeowners spend 30.2% of their income on home owning, according to data on nerdwallet. (Yes, that’s a real website.) They ranked us eighth in the “best large metro areas for home ownership.”

    Apparently we’re a mecca for “those trying to break into sports media,” and Germantown’s warehouses are “home to Louisville’s creative class.” Says the NYC-based writer who put together Mic’s list of “15 Cities for Creative 20-somethings that aren’t New York or Los Angleles.” This creative 20-something isn’t aware of any fellow creative types living in warehouses in Germantown. But maybe I’m just not that cool.

    We’re better at cheap dates than romantic ones. But we’re pretty good at those too. Louisville is number two on Vocativ’s list of best cities for a cheap night out. And by a cheap night out, they mean “cheap beer, weed and a dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.” Dollar beers and $339 for an ounce of pot. Party on, Louisville. 

    On the other hand we’re 10th on OpenTable’s list of the most romantic dining cities in America.

    And what, according to the list makers, can we look forward to in 2015? A whole big flock of tourists. Travel + Leisure magazine sandwiched us between Hong Kong and Pristina, Kosovo on their Best Places to Travel in 2015 list. They like our bourbon, they’re excited about our new downtown hotels and we have that “hipster flea market” in NuLu.


    P.S. Inspiration from this post came from the list of accolades and recognitions on the website for the Mayor’s office. Here’s the link, if you want to read it, but it’s definitely not as cool as my list.

    Image source: Flickr user LuMaxArt

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