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    I took a lot of photographs this weekend. For the most part, I photographed the bands, but I did turn the camera on the fans every now and again, and what I found amazed me. I always knew the people who attended Abbey Road on the River were friendly and unique, but seeing them through a camera lens intensified their special qualities for me. I simply felt the need to share.

    Fans of the Newbees showed their support by dressing in black and yellow... sometimes with antennae!

    My "favorite t-shirt of the weekend" award goes to Henry. I am right there with you, Henry.

    Even little fans danced the night away!

    Some fans got very creative with their outfits.

    The party never stopped inside the Galt House between parades and random piano performances.

    Another little fan showed off a very cool t-shirt.

    My favorite Beatles fan, my nephew Kyan, posed as Paul. He could name all the Beatles in cartoon form sans faces. I was a very proud aunt!

    A fan snapped a picture as the Beach Boys performed.

    Blowing bubbles kept this little girl busy!

    A sweet couple danced to "Surfer Girl."

    The dancing never stopped for these fans.

    This cutie, my niece Nora, sported a pretty pink Beatles shirt today.

    These adorable siblings couldn't help but dance and play along with the band.

    A dance-off between these two fans ended in a hug.

    Another tiny fan showed us her moves while Nube 9 performed.

    And finally, a picture of my mom and I having an excellent time!

    Thank you Abbey Road on the River for all the fun! I think I speak for all fans when I say "a pleasant time was had by all."

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    Hi! My name is Jenna. I am a music teacher at a primary school. I love teaching because you get to feel like a rockstar without all the fuss of being famous. My hobbies include cosplay, reading, music, traveling, and collecting vintage clothes and records.

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