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    The Little Loomhouse presents the 4th annual Spin-a-Yarn Storytelling Festival t
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    As much as I treasure the soft and supple physical skin of my beloved books, their prominence in our human history is a relatively newfangled innovation.  Before every plebeian on the planet was hip to the literacy jive – and long before reading became vogue (did this actually happen?) - our little chatterbug species stored volumes of knowledge, sagas – and, yes, stories – the old-fashioned way: illustrated in the spoken word.  The Little Loomhouse celebrates this tradition and gives weaving a new twist with this weekend’s 4th annual Spin-a-Yarn Storytelling Festival.

    Hosted in the historic digs of The Little Loomhouse’s century-old board and batten cabins, the Spin-a-Yarn Festival will feature plenty of good time staples, including bluegrass music from The Shuttle Winders, food and drink and a raffle for ten pounds of Kentucky-raised beef (now that’ll be one hell of a bar-be-que).  The Little Loomhouse will also offer weaving and spinning demonstrations, authentic Cherokee craft displays and tours of the property’s three historic cabins.  The highlight of the event – the spinning of the actual yarns – will present the storytelling talents of eleven Kentuckiana personalities, including WAVE 3 News’ Dawn Gee.

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a Louisville Landmark, The Little Loomhouse is one of the few remaining organizations actively maintaining the ancient art and history of handweaving.  Perhaps most famously recognized worldwide for a great musical contribution (ever heard of the “Happy Birthday Song”?), The Little Loomhouse has been dedicated to promoting the arts and hand craft since its founding in 1939 by Master Weaver Lou Tate Bousman.  Proceeds from tomorrow’s yarn-spinning $2 ticket price will be used to further this mission and bolster the Loomhouse’s tours, demonstrations, classes and special programs.

    Feeling the call of your inner hometown tourist?  Or perhaps it is simply the tug of that ancestral fire-pit beckoning your primordial sense of oration.  Either way, get your fill of words sans book (or eReader) this weekend and help keep the human roots of weaving cloth – and stories – alive.

    The Little Loomhouse is located at 328 Kenwood Hill Road.

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