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    The opening match of Livewire's Championship Wrestling gave the crowd everything it was looking for as their good guy Mickey Muscle pinned Ravishing Ronnie, who is sponsored by Gatorade, with a top rope body slam. In the 2nd match, Jack O. Lantern came out against Landon Manson. As a twist to this; Manson, who plays a wrestler that is a little “nutty” introduced his new Manager, that in all actuality seemed to be just as much off his rocker, if not more than the wrestler himself, his “psychiatrist” Dr. Lucian Tomes.  In that match Jack O. Lantern put Manson to the mat in short order…while someone was under the rink…holding Dr. Tomes, and his clipboard, in place. In the LCW State Title Match, Dark Priest was hit in the head by CJ Bailey for a pin and CJ declared the winner. That was quickly reversed as the crowd were on their feet letting the Refs know what a scoundrel CJ was, leaving CJ and his managerial team leaving the ring both beltless and shamed for their cheating ways.

    When CaK and Major Knox hit the ring and shook hands, the first time that had happened all night, I thought this is going to be a scientific match. It was, and a very good one! The comradery between the 2 of them was great to see and they communicated a story with their wrestling.  I interviewed CaK (Corey Kirkpatrick) at intermission and he told me, “He liked his wrestling to tell a story from beginning to end to give the audience the best show for their money.”  He said, “My hero’s growing up in wrestling were Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage, and I remember wanting to be like that, wanting to do this even when I was little. I went to a church in Rolling Fields and the youth minister gave me free lessons; he taught me things in wrestling that would have cost a lot of money to learn and I have a lot of respect for him.”

    In female wrestling, Amazing Maria was set to wrestle, however her match up Roxxey Star didn’t show up so Maria and her manager, Preston Douglas put out a call for anyone to take them on…and there were 2 wrestlers who took the call…THE MORPHS, wrestlers in complete body suits from head to toe, who ended the match with pies in the faces of Amazing and PPD.  The crowd loved it!

    Managers Precious Preston Douglas, Dr. Lucian Tomes, CLT and Mr. Lynch hit the ring for a Manager showdown. It turns out that Dr. Lucian Tomes bored Douglas to sleep and Mr. Lynch couldn’t take the heat. CLT, who can't dance is just plain hated, but in the end of the showdown, Precious Preston Douglas was the most hated of all managers, and loved being voted as so. He paraded himself around the ring in his UK t-shirt and shorts with his cheesy trophy, a sort of a pie in the face reward!

    Other action was an OWA Match with Jeremy Brake vs Tony Petry and an 8 Man Tournament for the LCW Title. Wrestlers J-Rush Hangman, Mr. Maniacal, James True, Ray Moss, Killjoy, Anthony Smith and Jesse Watson were in action.
    The main event was the World Heavyweight Belt match between CaK and Mickey Muscle. It was a great match and the crowd was split on who they were voting for. In the end CaK won the belt, and it was a hard win.

    There are a lot of wrestlers that come from all over wrestle at Livewire. Some of them are Charlestown and Evansville IN., Hillview, Fairdale KY., and Lawrenceburg KY. and Tennessee

    You can follow Livewire Wrestling on Facebook at


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