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    Living Story provides family fun in created archaeology dig site [Family and par
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    I am happy to announce I have launched the first of my "living stories", which are part of the Living Stories Series. They are crafted stories that cross multiple media to tell a story that allow followers to be in the middle of the interactive experience. Followers can interact with the characters from the stories in person or online. The experience was featured on Great Day Live September 10 and on the cover of the Highlands section of the Courier Journal September 12 before the opening night of the live event portion of the story on September 14. The story will continue to unfold beyond this first series of events and still has several opportunities for family friendly fun on September 28, October 12, and October 15. See the "Story based" report below:

    *In June of 2012, an outdated piece of technology was found embedded in the concrete behind Bearno’s in the Highlands  of Louisville, Ky. It didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary at first. Management says they have no idea where it came from or how it got there. They had difficulty removing it and found that it was attached to something much larger. A team was called in to examine, which led to  Dr. Eti Visiony beginning an excavation; What he found was shocking.  “We are unearthing what looks to be the remnants of a city or village , in which it seems technological waste was so extensive, that the civilization began to build with recycled electronics in addition to finding other ways to recycle it into their clothing and social lives,” says Dr. Visiony. “We have not yet dated this civilization as we are still in the early stages of excavation, but the pieces seem similar to some of our own society’s outdated technology, although it is much older than our own development of industrial science. This leads me to wonder if our species has been down a similar road of evolution before. It’s very curious."

    One of the most interesting things found by Dr. Eti (as his team calls him) is what seems to be  a series of projection devices inscribed with the words DIVINITY: Reality Operating System Expression. Technical director Tate Chmielewski has been working to get the devices working with modern technology, but has only been able to extract a few images so far (See them at

    Public tours of the excavation site (which is a complete space transformation art installation, which features Divinity's writings and performance art) will be at Bearno's on September 14 and 28. The event will also bring awareness to the importance of recycling technology and electronics.  Tickets are $10, but attendees may bring their old computer and electronic junk/waste (Full list of accepted items  available at to be recycled and receive $2 off tickets. Bluegrass E-cycle will also be on hand to wipe hard drives. (Many people do not realize that even if their computer is not working, information can be extracted, and criminals scour dumps to do so and use the information in scams.)

    You can visit Dr. Eti, see his upcoming appearance schedule, or follow the story and updates at; You can also find and interact with him on Facebook. Follow his audio journals pinned to different locations on a map of Louisville with the free mobile app Broadcastr. The story is already unfolding.

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