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    In the past few weeks the citizens of Southwestern Asia have suffered unspeakable loss from the massive tsunami and its aftermath. The devastation will undoubtedly change this region of the world forever, and unchecked, has potential to claim hundreds of thousands more lives due to starvation and disease as well as many other factors. In an effort to help with relief funds for those effected, several organizations in Louisville’s music industry have banded together to organize a city wide benefit concert, the likes of which Louisville has never seen. The response to help promote, produce, staff and house the event has been overwhelming and given this effort, the potential to really make a profoundly positive effect on the region.

    The event it to be held on Saturday, January 29, 2005, and will encompass the entire City of Louisville via multiple venues, with each venue supporting a different genre of music.  100% of  all door proceeds will go directly to the effected region via the Hindu Temple of Louisville. The Louisville Music Industry Alliance (LMIA) is heading up this event along with local companies such as Clear Channel Radio, Mom’s Music, and S&S Productions, all of whom have confirmed their commitment to the event.   Several local venues such as The Phoenix Hill Tavern and  Jillian’s, have donated the use of there facilities for the evening with TK’s pub, Coyote’s, Headliners Music Hall, Uncle Pleasants, Saddle Ridge and Wick’s Pizza all expressing interest in hosting a portion of the event with solid confirmations awaiting only logistics .

    The outpouring of support from the musicians in the region has been astonishing, with over twenty bands confirmed to play the event from the local, regional, and  national level, with commitment from more than forty artists total expected. All show details, not yet confirmed, are being worked out as quickly as possible and will be solidified by January 8, 2005, in an effort to have all aspects of the benefit in place for a press conference to be held on January 12, 2005.

    In an effort to increase fund commitment from our region, we hope to hold a press conference with all local television stations interested in helping to promote such and event, to announce and promote the event and the cause it supports. Second, to publicly challenge major local corporations such as GE, Ford, UPS, Papa John’s etc… as well as the entire local business community to add to, match or in some way contribute to the monies raised by this benefit with donations of there own, whether they are in cash, goods or services.

    We realize that there is a world wide effort to help the people affected by this catastrophic event and feel that this is the most helpful and positive thing we in the Louisville music industry can do to aide in the worlds efforts to rebuild the devastation and halt the spread of disease. Hopefully, this event will help to raise enough funds to help save thousands of our fellow human beings, but if only one life is saved, it will have been a worth while effort.

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