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    Yesterday a video was uploaded to Youtube from user Devon Arnold showing a police officer entering Cahoots on Bardstown Road and patting down patrons. The video is titled "Police Shut Down Cahoots 9/10/14" and can be viewed here:

    In the video, the officer assures patrons: “If you don’t have anything on you, you don’t have nothing to worry about. We all straight?”

    He continues: “Now, show of hands, who’s got something on them that they shouldn’t have. No one? We all clean? We’re gonna start over here in this corner and we’re going to work our way around, and if you’re clean, then you get to go out the front door.”

    The officer, on camera, and to the amusement of Cahoots’ patrons, (“He got all up in that ass!”) starts the pat-downs. The video is a minute and a half long, and at the time of publication has 9,641 views.

    Comments on the video range from outrage at the police:

    To justification (because, let's be honest, it is Cahoots):

    Yesterday Cahoots posted on their Facebook page:

    Images courtesy of Cahoots Facebook Page and Youtube user Devon Arnold.

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