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    LOVENADO by Dru Pilmer
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    Tonight, September 9th at 6:30 p.m., local artist Dru Pilmer will be filling Scissors, Rock, Paper Salon & Day Spa with her exciting, kinetic art.

    Last year, a similar art opening and charity fundraiser that took place at Louisville’s Bistro 1860 was such a success in raising funds for “My Daughter’s Foundation, Inc.,” (the supportive organization for “Nyleve’s Haven”) that Dru sought to draw upon this vision even further. Yejide Travis is the “servant behind Nyleve’s Haven,” who Dru met during her time teaching a theatre class at Spalding University two years ago. Nyleve's Haven empowers the spiritually connected female spirit. You can visit the website by clicking here to learn more about this organization.

    Benevolence and creative energy all swirled in Dru’s mind when Scissor’s Rock, Paper Salon & Day Spa asked her to hang her striking paintings.

    Keep a look out for a variety of both large and small paintings from this gifted artist-to-watch, as Dru intends to donate 50% of those silent auction proceeds to charity. Dru’s compassion continues, as 10% of all of painting sales made at the auction and for the rest of this month at Scissors, Rock, Paper will also be donated. No need to worry about funds when it comes to Dru’s brilliant art; from small paintings on paper to large paintings on canvas, she guarantees a variety of art available for all kinds of budgets.

    Another commendable detail to note is that Scissors, Rock, Paper owner Chris Avery leapt at the opportunity to make a charitable difference when Dru first suggested the idea of donating art proceeds. For today, as a thank you for booking a future appointment with Scissors, Rock, Paper Salon & Day Spa, the organization will donate a portion of each sale made on September 9th to My Daughter’s Foundation, Inc./ Nyleve’s Haven, upon return of service.

    I first met Dru at a Derby fundraiser, where her art impressed me the most out of a room teeming with talent. If you are interested in discovering more of her extraordinary work, make sure to check out the Louisville Visual Arts Association Open Studio Exhibition at the U of L Cressman Art Center on Main Street. Dru as well as other artists will have her studio open for touring during the Open Studio Weekend, September 13th and 14th. Fundraising tickets for the event are now on sale. Click here for more information.

    You can never go wrong with giving back to the community or looking at gorgeous works of art. Nothing counters the cynicism of the world quite like an altruistic spirit and art to make you truly connect with soulful depths of human nature.

    Top Photo: Courtesy of Dru Pilmer, LOVENADO, 30"x24", acrylics on canvas (and a great example of the work that awaits!)

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