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    Now, I know the sports world’s focus hasn’t turned back to football and well, neither have I really.  To be honest I’m right now in a basketball/baseball mindset for obvious seasonal reasons.

    However, we’re just about a month out from the NFL draft, which is set to begin April 27th and will go through to April 28th.  Top prospects and free agents are the talk of so many in the league, so, as I did last year I thought I’d look into some of the local school’s possible pros going into the draft.


    Louisville has three realistically possible athletes that could be drafted, among these red-shirt senior tight end Josh Chichester.  Chichester’s name has been progressively called more and more over the loud speaker at Papa John’s for stand-out plays; as such he does have a shot to get in. 

    In addition, red shirt senior running back Victor Anderson and lineback Dexter Heyman, both of these athletes have legitimate chances to get the call in a later round.


    Kentucky has five chances, all of which are seniors. Red Shirts Randall Burden and Taiedo Smith both could get drafted, or quite possibly wind up in the pros after ending up on the free agent wire.

    Other Cats to look out for include linebacker Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy these two have put up strong numbers and could get a team’s attention conceivably.

    The final Kentucky player to look for is punter Ryan Tydlacka, lately a number of NFL teams have been winning or losing games based on kicking and a number of teams have real deficiencies in this field, as such it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a solid kicker like Tydlacka make the pros.

    Eastern and Western Kentucky

    The Colonels of EKU have a real chance to get another player to the NFL with senior Jeremy Caldwell meanwhile across the state the Hilltoppers of WKU could be seeing their red shirt running back, Bobby Rainey, in the NFL next year.


    Out of Indiana comes senior wide receiver Damarlo Belcher who dominated the Big Ten in many regards as such he does have a realistic chance of finding a home in the pros.

    All in all, the area has had stronger NFL draft years but there is some real talent coming out of the bluegrass none the less.

    Image courtesy of US Post

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