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    Best of Web 2012
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    best of web logo.pngLouisville Metro Government has been awarded first place in the Center for Digital Government’s annual Best of the Web competition, Mayor Greg Fischer announced today. After finishing in the top four every year since 2006 including two consecutive second place finishes in 2010 and 2011, has claimed the top prize in the city portal category.

    The Best of the Web awards recognize outstanding government portals and websites based on innovation, functionality and efficiency. Louisville’s website took the top prize for its focus on making city services and government widely available online.

    In its 15th year, the Best of the Web awards recognize outstanding government portals and websites based on their innovations, functionality and efficiencies. Louisville has been entered in the awards since 2006. This is the city’s highest finish to date. The website finished 3rd in 2009.

    louiestat.jpgFischer also announced that a new component of the city website called LouieStat will offer citizens a much greater ability to track how city government is operating and how well services are being delivered.

    Convenient access to city services is a key part of Fischer’s Citizen’s Bill of Rights -- and in an increasingly digital world, embracing technology and making services and information available online is crucial.

    Louistat Team.jpg“As the world continues to turn to the internet for quick and convenient information, our city website has become an increasingly important resource for our citizens,” Fischer said. “The hard work and dedication of the Metro Technology Services team is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of city government, and it’s quite an achievement to be the best in the country.”

    “We’ve been very deliberate in our focus on the website as an important channel of communication between city government and its citizens,” said Beth Niblock, chief information officer for Metro Government. “My team has done a great job developing an easy to use website, applications for mobile devices, location-based mapping, and simple pay-online services as part of the Mayor’s strategy.”

    The new LouieStat, short for Louisville Statistics, uses data from various Metro Government departments to track what the government is doing, how it’s doing it, and how it can improve.

    “LouieStat is already helping our team better manage city resources, save taxpayer dollars and ultimately improve the work we do every day for the citizens,” Fischer said. “It has quickly had an enormously positive impact on the functioning of our city government.”

    One example of LouieStat’s impact is Metro Corrections which Fischer said has been better able to track and manage overtime since the process was implemented. During May, June and July of this year, Corrections had the lowest overtime costs in six years, saving taxpayer dollars.

    All citizens --- and anyone from around the world – can now log onto and view information ranging from overtime costs by city departments to the live animal return rate at Metro Animal Services.

    Fischer began implementing the LouieStat process in city government earlier this year. Seven departments are already integrated into LouieStat --- Metro Parks, Public Works and Assets, Corrections, Fire, Animal Services, Codes and Regulations and Public Health and Wellness --- and 16 city departments will be onboard by the end of 2013.

    Each department that is part of LouieStat meets every six weeks with the mayor and his senior leadership team to examine the data and set goals.

    Louistat wide.jpg

    FULL DISCLOSURE:  Back in June of last year, we complained that Louisville’s Metro Web Page was being neglected, and not kept up to date.  In “Is Louisville Metro’s web site a victim of neglect?” we were a bit snarky and suggested:  “We all understand that Mayor Fischer and his new team have a lot on their plates just now, but if this administration wants to be taken seriously concerning its promise to provide financial transparency for all Louisville’s citizens, voters, and taxpayers, then it might be time to put some updated budget information on its web site.”

    To our happy amazement, the electrons were scarcely dry on our little article, when we received message from Lee Burchfield over at City Hall, indicating that the old web page had been taken down, and up-to-date information substituted, containing a complete and detailed listing of the current Metro Budget.  This sort of excellent and timely response certainly earned our praise.  And now, it seems, these hard working folks have earned praise at a national level.

    metro web frontpage.jpg


    City Portal Category:

    • 1st Place: City of Louisville, KY
    • 2nd Place: City of Arvada, CO
    • 3rd Place: City of Raleigh, NC
    • 4th Place: City of Riverside, CA
    • 5th Place: City of Austin, TX


    • City of Chandler, AZ
    • City of Danville, VA
    • City of Independence, MO
    • City of Lakewood, CO
    • City of Tampa, FL
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