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    Kim R. Bailey is also known as Zyzzyva (pronounced Zizz-eh-vah) of Louisville when she steps in time as one of Louisville's prominent bellydancers. In addition to performing via multiple outlets, she also teaches lessons to beginners.

    She focuses mostly on Oriental Raqs Sharqi (which is the correct term for bellydance in the Middle East) but American-tribal style bellydance finds its way into her choreographies as does some jazz, lyrical, flamenco, ballet and ballroom. When a performer meshes different styles together, it's known as "bellydance fusion".

    “I love all things dance,” she says. “I make it an everyday part of my life, but there’s something about bellydance that makes it especially appealing.  It has a naturally feminine intuitiveness about it.  It’s a great way to work the body, while focusing on core work and balance.  I was amazed at the upper body and arm strength which is developed because of their constant motion in the dance."

    Kim teaches at Dance with Steve and Donna in Shepherdsville on Monday nights from 7:00-8:00 p.m. and at the Ken Ellis Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  

    "My students have so much fun during their lessons that they don’t feel like they’ve worked out – they feel energized and motivated.”

    Zyzzyva has performed in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana and New York. She performs with troupes, solo, and at corporate events, engaging attendees and making them part of the show. Zýzzyva also attends workshops in the tri-state area in order to feed her zest for learning as much about the dance as possible.

    “Performing at the Lafayette Grill in New York City last summer was really a high point for me.  I spent a week there with Morocco, a world-famous bellydance performer and teacher, and received amazing dance instruction from her and her other teachers.”  

    She is currently working on forming Troupe Shamaah Nouris (which means “candlelight”) that will perform locally.  “I chose the name “candlelight” because that is the light in which all women are their most beautiful, just like this dance!”

    She can be reached via email at Tchylde AT

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