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    Monique Baker knows a thing or two about how to get her children dressed in the morning- and she knows about dressing your children, too.  When Baker, a mother of two (with one on the way) and Louisville resident, launched her online upscale children’s and baby boutique Squeeze Hugs earlier this month, she decided to put forth more than the usual offerings of cutesy trimmings and whimsical touches typically seen in children’s clothing lines.  Instead, she selected what was hip and chic from the best American, European, and indie designers.

    “Children’s clothing is moving in a more fashion forward direction.  You’ll see a lot of ‘rocker’ items for both boys and girls,” says Baker.  “Pettiskirts are all the rage and continue to be through the spring with hot new colors- think bright colors with lots of sparkle!”  

    Baker adds that as people are increasingly conscientious about spending more on upscale items, they expect more embellishments.  Patches, appliqués, netting under skirts, multi-layers, and leggings are all stylish ways to turn your child into a trend setter.

    Danielle Hardy, local Chez Ami consultant, agrees that bright colors are the thing to have this spring.   “Brown is still the new black, and brown is paired with the bright colors…pink and brown…aqua and brown…orange and brown…lime and brown,” notes Hardy, who is also seeing a trend towards embellishments and high retro style.  “Grosgrain ribbon trim for girls is everywhere from headbands to flip flops.  The boys are sporting longer shorts and vintage looking t-shirts that have the worn and faded look.”

    T-shirt emblems and insignias from their parent’s and grandparent’s generation still make a statement. “The really cool ones have Star Wars or Indiana Jones on them,” says Hardy, “and the peace sign is still in as well!”

    If having a completely upscale wardrobe just isn’t in the budget these days, Jane Morgan of The Sassy Sister, a locally-owned embroidery and specialized gift company, recommends upping your kiddo’s style with accessories.  The Sassy Sister offers less expensive accessories such as monogrammed hair bows, headbands, and flip flops that can increase the fashion quotient of any outfit.

    “Keep your eyes open for cute blank items that you can fix up with ribbons, trims, and monograms,” Morgan says.

    Always on the hunt for the latest and greatest fashion trends for children, all of our professionals are getting ready to help local little ones strut their stuff at Derby time this year.  To have your child looking like they belong on mini-Millionaire’s row, “There are some really great spring floral dresses and skirts by Room Seven and Coco Bonbons.  If you are looking for something a little edgier, look through the Mim Pi line for some darling dresses and skirts.  Tiered dresses and skirts are really in as well as florals, gingham, and polka dots,” says Baker of Squeeze Hugs.

    Morgan from The Sassy Sister stays busy through all the Derby festivities creating Derby Princess, jockey silks, and fleur de lis emblems on t-shirts, bags, and towels.  Hardy also recommends embellishing a girl’s jean with red rose trim.

    In this economy, it may be just as tempting to hit the spring consignment sales around town as to shell out the funds for a brand new layette, but Baker and Hardy caution against it.  Baker points out that less expensive, and typically lower quality clothing, often wears out more quickly and does not wash as well.  

    “If you are selective and spend a bit more on items you absolutely love and are higher quality, you know you will get lots of use out of them and end up getting your money’s worth.  If not, you could end up with a closet full of clothes that cost you the same amount or more and you don’t use half of them,” says Baker.  

    Hardy knows her clients choose to buy all new, high quality items because, “they can re-sell them on Ebay and get all, if not more, of their money back.”

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