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    Louisville:  Where fashion dies?  Real estate blog Movoto reports today that Louisville is at number five in a list of the Worst Dressed cities in America.  Their article, Where Fashion Dies: The 10 Worst Dressed Cities, reported on a study of major metropolitan areas, and determined which cities were  the most likely to have the worst-dressed residents, based upon such criteria as:  high-end clothing stores per capita, high-end jewelry stores per capita, and high-end shoe stores per capita

    DERBYSTYLE1.jpgMovoto quotes Heidi Klum as pointing out on each and every episode of “Project Runway”:  "In fashion, one week you’re in and the next—you’re out."  And they then list the cities that "...were never really in on the whole fashion thing to begin with."

    The 10 Worst Dressed Big Cities in America:

    1. Wichita, KS

    2. Colorado Springs, CO

    3. El Paso, TX

    4. Jacksonville, FL

    5. Louisville, KY

    6. Tulsa, OK

    7. Albuquerque, NM

    8. San Antonio, TX

    9. Milwaukee, WI

    10. Indianapolis, IN

    The 10 Worst Dressed Cities By Movoto

    The authors were able to determine how many high-end clothing stores each of the 50 most populous cities in the country have per capita. Specifically, these are stores with at least a four dollar sign price rating that sell new and vintage women’s and men’s clothing or accessories.  The city with the most high-end clothing stores per person was Miami, with one for every 13,625 people. San Francisco and Las Vegas came in second and third at one per 14,515 and 16,370 residents, respectively.

    To generate their final list of the 10 worst dressed big cities, the folks at Movoto took each criteria in a city—high-end clothing stores, fashion schools, etc.—and figured out how many there were per capita. Then, they ranked them on these individual criteria from one to 50. Finally, they averaged their rank in the individual criteria to come up with each city’s final score. The smaller the number, the better dressed the city was based on all of the factors looked at. The larger the number?  "Well… let’s just say they shouldn’t be expecting to host fashion shows anytime soon."

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