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    It’s no secret that I love the Louisville Crashers. I was acquainted with the lead singer and drummer, brothers Mark and Max Maxwell, long before one of my best friends took me to my first Crashers concert. My husband had played with both of them in our church’s band. After getting to know all of the members more through various concerts and even a music video, it became apparent to me that they are all, plain and simple, good people. This idea of mine was further confirmed yesterday when the band announced they were blocking a Facebook fan for making unwanted advances to another fan.

    Their Facebook status from earlier says it all. Here it is:

    “Public Notice: The Crashers just had to block a guy from our page for harassing one of our female fans. We know that lots of people use Facebook to meet new people for relationships, but this woman was clearly married. This guy saw that she was going to one of our events and attempted to get her to meet up with him there. We want to state for the record that this is not allowed on our page. The Crashers are a family-oriented band, we are all married, and we all believe strongly in the value and sanctity of marriage. We would never allow our own wives to be disrespected in this way, and now everyone knows we won't allow anyone else's wife to be disrespected. Guys, please behave with some sense of integrity on this page, or you will be blocked. Of course, that's pretty minor compared to the severe beating you may receive from the woman's husband. Thanks for cooperating, have a great day!”

    I highly respect the band for doing this. Facebook is a very personal social network, and it is scary to think about who could be accessing your information and contacting you simply because you like the same band. The Louisville Crashers took that into consideration and decided to protect one of their fans, even if it meant losing another. Chivalry isn’t dead.

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    Hi! My name is Jenna. I am a music teacher at a primary school. I love teaching because you get to feel like a rockstar without all the fuss of being famous. My hobbies include cosplay, reading, music, traveling, and collecting vintage clothes and records.

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