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    Is Louisville starting to sag?
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    How the mighty have fallen!  As recently as August, 2009, Louisville was ranked as the most obscene city in America; but, today it was revealed that that honor must go to Orlando, Florida.  In the most recent listing, Louisville has dropped to a disappointing Number 70.

    porn-computer(1).jpgFolks here in River City had a not-inconsiderable bragging point (of which we could all be proud), when Louisville was ranked at the top of the list of the country’s ten cities most likely to search for obscene material on the internet.  Eric Krangel, writing for, used George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” as obscenity proxies, and looked up each of them on Google Trends.

    Krangel made a list of the top 10 American cities querying each of the seven words. Top scores went to cities that showed up on multiple lists; to break ties, weight values were assigned, depending on a city’s rank on individual lists.  The cities listed showed the greatest percentage of searchers looking for dirty words, not the greatest number of people.  

    The 10 American Cities Most Likely To Search For Obscene Material (2009):

    •     internet-porn-shock4.jpg1. Louisville, KY
    •     2. Rochester, NY
    •     3. Philadelphia, PA
    •     4. Newark, NJ
    •     5. Los Angeles, CA
    •     6. Irvine, CA
    •     7. Pittsburgh, PA
    •     8. Las Vegas, NV
    •     9. Albany, NY
    •     10. Orlando, FL

    Back in 2009, then-Louisville Metro councilman Doug Hawkins (R., 25th) twittered his constituents and advised them of our city’s dubious honor; and Craigslist spread the word to its millions of subscribers.  Southern Baptist leader, Rev. Albert Mohler, Jr., writing in the Christian Post, listed Louisville among the most “slothful” and “vain” cities in America; omitting us, however from the “lustful” category in his list of municipal examples of the seven deadly sins.

    Louisville’s FOX-41 investigated this important matter, and discovered that the majority of the internet searches for dirty words and porn came from computers in homes located in the East End of Jefferson County.  No statistics were available for government computers located at City Hall, so the Abramson administration didn’t take a hit on this one.

    Of course, those of us who grew up around the South End, Pleasure Ridge Park, and Valley Station always suspected that the center for perversity in Jefferson County was located somewhere East of Preston Highway.  And, thanks to the Krangel report, our suspicions were confirmed.

    ho-white.jpgBut records are made to be broken.  In today’s issue of Mens Health (we subscribe, so you don’t have to), researcher Christa Sgobba reports that Orlando—home of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Castle—is now the nation’s greatest consumer of porn.  As she observes:  “Most porn films may be shot in the L.A. area, but their biggest audience is in Orlando. We know what you're thinking: How can the home of G-rated theme parks be skin-flick central? It seems that while tourists line up at a kid-friendly fantasy world, the locals prefer one in which Snow White and the dwarfs whistle while they... well, you know.”

    Ms. Sgobba (her real name) pored over myriad statistical reports to tabulate the following criteria: the number of DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed (; adult entertainment stores per city (; rate of porn searches (Google Insights); and, for fans of soft-core, percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households (SimplyMap). Not only were Orlando folks the randiest residents, but Florida was also the most salacious state.

    Rick Pitino 4.jpgSadly, in the current listing, Louisville has sunk to an almost theologically-correct level of 70; while our friends over in Lexington outrank us with a 56 score.  Readers may ponder the possible causes of this downward trend.  It might be the moral uprightness of our new Metro administration, under the enlightened leadership of Mayor Gregg Fischer.  Then again, it might be due to the fact that many folks obtain their surfeit of vicarious sexual thrills from reading about the misadventures of our local basketball coach. 

    The 100 American Cities Most Likely To Search For Obscene Material (2012):

    1. Orlando, Fwelcome to orlando.gifL

    2. Las Vegas, NV

    3. Wilmington, DE

    4. Raleigh, NC

    5. Charlotte, NC

    6. Minneapolis, MN

    7. Atlanta, GA

    8. Tampa, FL

    9. Anchorage, AK

    10. Austin, TX

    11. Boise, ID

    12. Miami, FL

    13. Houston, TX

    14. Columbia, SC

    15. Dallas, TX

    16. Portland, OR

    17. San Diego, CA

    18. Cleveland, OH

    19. Sacramento, CA

    20. Baltimore, MD

    21. Providence, RI

    22. Durham, NC

    23. San Francisco, CA

    24. Wichita, KS

    25. Columbus, OH

    26. Plano, TX

    27. Manchester, NH

    28. Jersey City, NJ

    29. St. Paul, MN

    30. Madison, WI

    31. Cheyenne, WY

    32. Denver, CO

    33. Chicago, IL

    34. Philadelphia, PA

    35. Rochester, NY

    36. Tucson, AZ

    37. Reno, NV

    38. Riverside, CA

    39. Bakersfield, CA

    40. New Orleans, LA

    41. Omaha, NE

    42. Seattle, WA

    43. Milwaukee, WI

    44. Greensboro, NC

    45. Fort Worth, TX

    46. Oklahoma City, OK

    47. Pittsburgh, PA

    48. Colorado Springs, CO

    49. Nashville, TN

    50. Phoenix, AZ

    51. Honolulu, HI

    52. Jacksonville, FL

    53. Anaheim, CA

    54. Tulsa, OK

    55. Aurora, CO

    56. Lexington, KY

    57. Bridgeport, CT

    58. Buffalo, NY

    59. Portland, ME

    60. St. Petersburg, FL

    61. San Jose, CA

    62. Billings, MT

    63. Virginia Beach, VA

    64. Albuquerque, NM

    65. St. Louis, MO

    66. Kansas City, MO

    67. Fresno, CA

    68. Sioux Falls, SD

    69. Los Angeles, CA

    70. Louisville, KY

    71. Salt Lake City, UT

    72. Stockton, CA

    73. San Antonio, TX

    74. Little Rock, AR

    75. Memphis, TN

    76. New York, NY

    77. Corpus Christi, TX

    78. Indianapolis, IN

    79. Oakland, CA

    80. Washington, DC

    81. Cincinnati, OH

    82. Birmingham, AL

    83. Boston, MA

    84. Burlington, VT

    85. Des Moines, IA

    86. Detroit, MI

    87. Fort Wayne, IN

    88. Chesapeake, VA

    89. Newark, NJ

    90. El Paso, TX

    91. Norfolk, VA

    92. Fargo, ND

    93. Lincoln, NE

    94. Toledo, OH

    95. Laredo, TX

    96. Lubbock, TX

    97. Charleston, WV

    98. Winston-Salem, NC

    99. Baton Rouge, LA

    100. Jackson, MS

    -------------'s The Arena section features opinions from active participants in the city's politics. Their viewpoints are not those of (a website is an inanimate object and, as such, has no opinions).  The Arena is read by more people in Louisville than in any other city in America. Photo credits:, ImageChef, WikiMedia.

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