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    Louisville Entrepreneur Profiles - Sustainable Health Choices [Fitness & Health]
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    How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and think one of the following:  "I really could stand to lose a few pounds", "why do these pants look and feel tighter on me than they did a few weeks ago?" or the classic (and one I'm really guilty of) "geez, I feel older than I am"?  Those are questions and problems local entrepreneur, and co-owner of Sustainable Health Choices, Kammaleathahh Livingstone, wants to help you with.  I met Kammaleathahh a few months ago when I was in the thick of writing these articles on local entrepreneurs and was looking forward to sitting down with her, getting some advice on how to get back into shape, and get going.  Then I got a new job, got consumed with it, and let everything else fall by the wayside, including my health choices.  Luckily for me, Kammaleathahh reached back out to me about writing the article and we recently got together once again...someone out there really must be looking out for me. 

    Originally from Louisville, Kammaleathahh met her business partner, Miriam Biber, while in school in North Carolina.  Miriam, whose expertise is health counseling and education around the issues of nutrition, cooking, and their relationship to our overall connection to our health, and Kammaleathahh, whose areas of expertise revolve around massage and bodywork, began sharing ideas with each other and trading services, and the idea for a partnership took off from there.  Sustainable Health Choices began in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2007.  In 2011 Kammaleathahh returned to her Louisville home, and now the ladies work out of both cities.  The goal of their company is to not just treat symptoms or issues you may have, but to help you find the root of those issues and help you eliminate it through giving you the skills to be aware of how your daily choices impact your health...mind, body, and spiritual.  We all know, or should know, that things like diet and exercise can help prevent certain medical ailments like heart attacks, etc., but it goes so far beyond that.  Did you know that a tight muscle in your foot can affect other muscles in your body?  Kammaleathahh is trained to know how the body interconnects and wants to share that knowledge with her clients so they have more tools to keep themselves healthy. 

    I recently had my first session with Kammaleathahh and during her initial body assessment she found that the muscles around my ribs were tight and were pulling my torso.  After some massage and acupressure not only did I feel better, but when I stood up I actually did feel stretched out and my posture had been elongated.  I highly suggest Louisville support this local entrepreneur.  Sustainable Health Choices is not a company that is about making it's founders rich, it is a company that is about making it's communities, and the people within them, richer by giving them control over their own health. 

    From Kammaleathahh's website:

    "I am a Kentucky and North Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapist. My work is centered in compassion, safety, and relief as I believe this is the foundation of high quality health care. My job is to help alleviate your pain and the imbalances in your soft tissue through myofascial release and other therapeutic techniques. As a Sustainable Health Choices practitioner I want to offer services that truly support people and larger communities to live in a more harmonious, cooperative, and vibrant world."

    You can learn more about Sustainable Health Choices, what they do, and what they're about at  You can also learn more about Kammaleathahh's massage therapy at and contact her directly at 502.265.5849 or

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