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    The Louisville Film Society presents immigration documentary 'Sin Pais' [Movies]
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    It's an election year. The conventions have been met, the candidates selected, and already we are seeing and hearing a lot of blabber about all involved. We have previously discussed the idea of illegal immigration, and one can be sure that we will hear much more on the subject, as it will certainly be a significant talking point – one of the so-called “hot button” issues upon which we Americans attach so much importance when it comes to prospective electorates.

    There is more than one side to every story, and it often seems as if those who angrily rail against immigrants neglect to consider the actual individual. Nobody decides to come to America just so they can steal our jobs and our freedom and our women, but to listen to the Right talk, you would think we have a swarm of demons rising from Mexico to disrupt the American Dream. It's absurd.

    This is why it's important to hear stories from people who are affected by the issue. Tonight (Tuesday) the Louisville Film Society presents a free screening of the documentary Sin Pais

    (translated: “Without Country”) at the Dreamland Film Center.

    Sin Pais

    tells the story of the Mejia family, who left Guatemala in the midst of a violent civil war and lived in America for seventeen years. Though illegal, they worked hard, paid taxes, and established a home – and then had that home raided and were deported.

    The film's director, Theo Rigby, will be present for a discussion following the screening, as well as to introduce his current project, Immigrant Nation, through which individuals are invited to share their own immigration stories.

    The program starts at 7:00. The Dreamland Film Center is located at 810 E. Market Street. Further information can be found at the event's Facebook page.

    Photo: “Sin Pais” official website

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