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    The Louisville Film Society presents the water documentary 'Flow: For Love of Wa
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    It is said that our children are our most precious resource. While it's a nice analogy, I would posit that our most precious resource is actually: water. It covers most of the world and makes up most of our bodies. A person can go a long time without food, but take away water, and you are dead in a couple of days. It is the essential ingredient in all living things.

    Water is found in copious amounts all over the world; it is a natural resource, like the air we breathe. No one would support the corporate takeover of oxygen – we have to breathe to survive, and the public wouldn't stand for it. Why, then, do we allow the privatization of water, which prevents so many around the world from receiving this essential resource?

    This is the subject of the documentary Flow: For Love of Water

    , directed by Irena Salina and co-produced Gil Holland, Louisville's favorite environmental activist. The documentary is a chilling look at the realities of water privatization around the world, as well as the absurdities of the water situation in our own country (for example: those who refuse to drink tap water and will only drink from bottles should know that bottled water is much less regulated than tap water, and thus is likely not as clean).


    will screen tonight at the Louisville Film Society's Dreamland Film Center. Admission is $7, and the screening includes a post-viewing Q&A with Gil Holland. Tickets can be purchased in advance here. The Dreamland Film Center is located at 810 E. Market Street. Further information can be found at the Louisville Film Society Facebook page.

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