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    The Louisville Film Society presents Will Oldham in 'New Jerusalen'
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    Is religion the answer? Is it helpful? Is it good for the world? For the individual? This is a very intense and long-standing philosophical debate. Many people turn to religion in times of trial and tribulation. This is interesting, because many people turn away

    from religion in times of trial and tribulation. Ever notice this? A nonreligious person whose life is in ruins may turn to the comforts of Christianity and belief in an all-loving God, while at the same time a religious person with a plethora of problems may decide that there is no God, or if there is that He (or She? [or It?]) must not care and thus is not worth praise. It's all seems very wishy-washy.

    Let's talk about

    New Jerusalem

    . It is a film by Rick Alverson, who last year shocked audiences with the controversial, but praised,

    The Comedy

    , a film which has been compared to the great Lars Von Trier's

    The Idiots


    New Jerusalem

    was actually made before

    The Comedy

    , and it stars our very own Will Oldham, as well as Colm O'Leary (who co-wrote the script). O'Leary portrays Sean, a man who has just returned from Afghanistan; his tour was non-combat, but there was a psychological toll nevertheless. Oldham plays Ike, a firm Evangelical Christian who befriends Sean and seeks to ease his pain with the help of the good lord.

    (For further consideration: see



    By all accounts, this is a great film, and the Louisville Film Society presents multiple screenings at the Dreamland Film Center over the next few days. It will be shown tonight, Thursday, at 7:00, Friday at 7:00 and 9:00, and Saturday at 4:00, 7:00, and 9:00. Admission is $5 for LFS members and $8 for everyone else. The Dreamland Film Center is located at 810 E. Market Street. Further information can be found at the LFS website.

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