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    My cousin is currently visiting from Buffalo. It has been a ton of fun showing her Louisville and all the fun things there are to do here. We picked up the Louisville Official Visitors Guide from a New to Lou event. She was browsing through it and got really excited when she discovered the Louisville Ghost Tours. We went to the website and it looked like a lot of fun. Supposedly, there are tour guides dressed in character and it's a 1/2 mile walk around downtown. When you click on the "Tour Tickets" button on the website it says in big bold letters "Louisville Ghost Tours Run Nightly Starting April 15th". Perfect!

    The website states on the front page that the tours "run nightly at 8:00pm from the corner of 4th and Liberty." Last night, we bundled up and headed to the corner, but did not see anyone around that looked like a tour guide. We waited until 8:10 and then looked up the number on my iPhone (which I truly could not live without) and I called to find out what was going on. A woman answered the phone. I explained the situation and she curtly told me that the tours do not start until May. I explained that we had read the website and it specifically, in big letters, said "April 15". She replied "Well, if you had really looked at the website you'd see you have to call ahead for reservations." She had me there, but still I told her it might be a good idea to change the date on the website and she unapologetically said, "Well, I don't know why it would say that date." Me either, Lady!

    Needless to say, we were bummed. We went to Sports and Social Club to watch the Buffalo Sabres loose a playoff game to the Boston Bruins. The food wasn't awesome and the drinks were over-priced. Overall, not the best night in the 'VIlle. Of course, as soon as we got home we checked out the website again. Yes, at the very bottom of the first page only, if you scroll all the way down, it does say, "Reservations are required to participate in this haunted walking tour of Louisville, Kentucky." Good to know, but really, change the date on your website!

    Maggie moved to Louisville from Buffalo, NY in Dec. 2009. She has also lived in London, Chicago, and Louisiana. Find out more about her business Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC and her private counseling practice.

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    About Maggie Heely

    Maggie is the owner of Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC specializing in Wedding Day Coordination. She is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in St. Matthews. She moved to Louisville from Buffalo, NY in December 2009. She's lived in NY, Chicago, London, and Louisiana before coming to Louisville.

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