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    The set of golf balls, standard dress socks and sentimental Hallmark cards don't have to set the tone for Father's Day 2011. Think outside the box, mix in a little fashion, and this year dad's big day may become his most memorable yet! Here's my number one suggestion for getting dad in tune with his fashion sense and spending that much needed bonding time together this Father's Day.

    You're dying to know what it is, right?

    It's simple. Take dad on a tour of Louisville. I bet you're wondering what in the world that has to do with fashion.

    Fashion designers are inspired by their environments, so there's no reason why Dad's style can't be influenced by Louisville. With the wear and tear of everyday life, it's easy to take the city's architectural and cultural details for granted. But Sunday, take Dad for a stroll downtown, along Frankfort Avenue or through any of his favorite neighborhoods. Experience the nuances of the city for all they're worth. Don't forget to enjoy the conversation along the way! Don't just see the details, discuss them too.

    Then, swing by his favorite store and translate that discussion into Louisville inspired fashion choices that will have lasting meaning for Dad.

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