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    The Louisville "Lou"sers have finished their first ever 5k road race.

    In the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina road race Saturday, "Lou"sers Christi and Samantha did what they set out to do, complete a 5k road race. The goal wasn't to win, or to be fast. "Don't compete, just complete." Samantha finished in 55 minutes, and Christi trailed only 2 minutes behind, finishing at 57 minutes.

    While first races can be intimidating, the women had a remarkable experience, each having run alongside Bob Harper, beloved Biggest Loser trainer; lucky "Lou"ser Samantha was filmed with him. Will the clip make it to the November Biggest Loser special NBC plans to air of Saturday's first Biggest Loser Event Challenge? This writer hopes so!

    Samantha was able to jog most of the 3.1-mile course, "but it was tough because it was so hot with no wind."

    Christi found the race setup a challenge because of being surrounded by so many people. "I didn't run at my normal pace and had a harder time with breathing. But, we finished and that's what's important! We're already talking about the next BL5k that we can go to."

    In their persistent quest for a spot on the show, they hit up a casting booth where 5k participants could make videos to tell their stories. And, they were thrilled when running into Holland "Master Caster" Striplin who remembered them from the Louisville casting call. No doubt, whether Christi and Samantha make it on the show or not, it seems they have both the spirit and motivation to continue getting healthy. They've found a niche of other Americans propelled into fitness and its resulting weight loss by 9 previous seasons of The Biggest Loser. The women meet people just like themselves everywhere they go, people who tell them they're doing great, who support them consistently.

    Speaking of the Biggest Loser 5k, Christi said, "We both trained for it, and felt ready, but it was harder than we thought it would be. Overall, it's been a great weekend! I'm so glad we came to this. If I can do this, I can do others, and build up to a full marathon someday!"

    Congratulations, Christi and Samantha!

    If you missed the first episode of Season 10 last week, be sure to catch up on The Biggest Loser Tuesday night on NBC.

    Are you a "Lou"ser? Share your story. Contact me at

    Photo courtesy of Christi

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    Rachel is a freelance writer who enjoys running in our metro parks, drinking local beer, and raising suburban chickens. Most recently she has contributed to a special edition of Chickens magazine.

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