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    For the past few years, Metro Louisville’s website——has operated as one of the most user-friendly and technically sophisticated sources of municipal information in the country.  Back in July of 2010, then-Mayor Jerry Abramson announced that changes to city city’s “new and improved” website would make it easier and faster for citizens to obtain information concerning local government.

    Later that year, e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government announced that Louisville had received one of its 2010 Best of the Web Awards, honoring the best city and state government websites in the nation. Metro Government’s website,, earned second place honors in the City Portal Category, just behind first place finisher, Boston.  “With a single click,” the Center boasted, “the website can also be translated into the seven most frequently spoken languages in Louisville.”

    But that was then.

    Today, if you go to the Metro Government Budget Information page, you will be greeted with the smiling face of our new Mayor, Greg Fischer, but most of the other material on the page is at least two years old.  The latest information release, for example, says “Mayor Delivers $20 Million Budget-Balancing Plan,” and is dated December 10, 2008:

    “Mayor Jerry Abramson today unveiled a plan to reduce government spending to close a projected $20 million hole in Louisville’s budget, the result of a national economic recession that’s eroding the city’s tax revenues.”

    If you are still interested, you can click on “2008-09 Approved Metro Government Budget,” and get some fascinating information (in seven languages).  But if you want current Louisville Metro budget information, well, you are just out of luck.

    We all understand that Mayor Fischer and his new team have a lot on their plates just now, but if this administration wants to be taken seriously concerning its promise to provide financial transparency for all Louisville’s citizens, voters, and taxpayers, then it might be time to put some updated budget information on its web site.

    Of course, it just might be that the boys and girls over at Metro Hall have yet to receive any complaints about the paucity of budget info on the web page.  This tells us something about the level of interest among those citizens, voters, and taxpayers.  Never mind.

    THIS JUST IN:   A message from Lee Burchfield indicates that the old web page has been taken down, and a new address: substituted, containing a complete and detailed listing of the current (2010-2011) Metro Budget.  Excellent work!

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