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    LOUISVILLE (Oct. 28, 2004) – Mayor Jerry Abramson today joined Louisville Metro government employees from five agencies in conducting training and preparation for snow and ice removal for the upcoming winter season.

    “It’s still the peak of autumn, but Louisville Metro will be ready when winter hits,” Abramson said. “We have a strategic snow and ice removal plan that puts 225 employees from five agencies to work with a comprehensive routing system.”

    Agencies involved in snow and ice removal include Louisville Metro Public Works, Solid Waste Management, Metro Parks, Metropolitan Sewer District and the Fleet Services Division of the Louisville Metro General Services Agency.

    The Louisville Metro snow-removal fleet consists of 120 vehicles with capabilities to plow, salt and – in many cases – perform both functions. The fleet includes:
    • Tandem dump trucks;
    • Single-axle dump trucks;
    • Mini dump trucks;
    • Four-wheel-drive pickup trucks; and
    • Garbage packers outfitted with plowing equipment.

    In the case of a significant snow requiring additional resources, Louisville Metro has contracted with Hedges Excavating and Mac Construction to supplement the government’s efforts.

    Snow fleets will be deployed from one of six Louisville Metro facilities throughout the community:
    • Solid Waste Management, 600 Meriwether Avenue;
    • Public Works/Urban Roads Division, 1450 Lexington Road;
    • Public Works/1st District Roads Division, 595 Hubbards Lane;
    • Public Works/2nd District Roads Division, 3528 Newburg Road;
    • Public Works/3rd District Roads Division, 1710 Saffron Drive; and
    • Public Works/Special Construction Division, 617 Outer Loop.

    Currently, Louisville Metro has 35,000 tons of salt and 30,000 gallons of liquid calcium available for snow and ice removal. Half the salt is ready for deployment at the six facilities, while half is stored in reserve to replenish supplies as needed. The total amount of salt is enough for more than 2,300 truckloads.
    Louisville Metro has budgeted $841,000 for salt and de-icer supplies for the 2004-2005 winter.
    On average, Louisville has about 15 days of snow or freezing precipitation per year that require mobilization of the snow-fighting fleet and personnel. Last winter, 21 days required snow removal. Two years ago, crews were mobilized a total of 32 days – more than double the average.

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