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    • "Congressman John Yarmuth called on the current and incoming CEOs of General Motors to immediately reconsider opening new facilities in Mexico while that company remains indebted to American taxpayers.'While the leadership of GM may believe such a decision makes economic sense and helps boost profit margins, it ignores the fact that your company would not exist today were it not for the support of American taxpayers,' wrote Congressman Yarmuth in a letter to GM. 'Along with these dollars, GM should also have accepted a responsibility to put America’s economic recovery first, and not that of any other nation.'" [The Valley Report]
    • "The beginning of the year for Jefferson County Public Schools started with a serious snafu in busing, two principal suspensions and a superintendent playing dodgeball with the press. Now a new blog has launched encouraging 'whistleblowers' to come forward and report mismanagement in the school system, which could shake things up even more. Last week, the site’s first entry promised to 'give a voice to teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders' and hold the public school system accountable. The blog profile says its author is ‘Paul Friar’ a Jefferson County Public School employee, parent and taxpayer, however, no one with that name was found in the employee registry." [LEO Weekly via The Ville Voice]
    • "Bristol Palin — the teen mother whose turbulent relationship with her son's father has added a soap-opera subplot to her mother Sarah’s political career — will speak Sept. 8 on behalf of a home for single mothers in Louisville." [Courier-Journal]
    • "Highland Presbyterian Church and 10 of its neighbors in the Cherokee Triangle have reached an out-of-court settlement that allows the church to continue operating a large “chiller” air conditioning unit for its educational building on Highland Avenue." [Courier-Journal]

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