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    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided last year to accept applications for new low power FM radio stations and during a two week period last October, groups across the country were able to submit applications.

    Many groups eagerly jumped on this opportunity as this was the first time the FCC had taken applications for low power FM stations in over ten years.

    Two local stations, ARTxFM and Crescent Hill Radio, applied and both announced this weekend that their applications were accepted and soon they with be on your radio dials.

    I can best summarize their excitement from their respective social media posts. ARTxFM said: "ATTENTION FANS OF ARTxFM: It is our pleasure to announce that after a lot of work and a very long wait, ARTxFM has been granted a Construction Permit by the Federal Communications Commission. 97.1 is OUR frequency and we are officially an FM radio station!!!!!!


    Crescent Hill Radio said, "FM here we come! The FCC has officially granted us a "Construction Permit" for frequency, 100.9. We will be called WCHQ. We will be installing our transmitter and antenna soon. More to come!"

    This is a huge step for both these local stations. Having an FM station provides them the opportunity at a bigger audience and more publicity.

    ARTxFM started in 2011 as a not-for-profit radio station with an emphasis on broadcast arts and a commitment to experimental programming. Yes, experimental programming is one word for it. Currently they have programming that last from 8 a.m. - 2 a.m. in which a listener could hear any genre of music like Latin, African, local, hip hop, rock, jazz, and so many others. DJs at ARTxFM include members of Louisville bands like Appalatin, Old Baby, and The Ladybirds. 

    Crescent Hill Radio's goal is to provide local bands and musicians a place to air their music and provide a community radio station with community participation. The station is a 24/7 audio stream. Most of their current programming occurs during the weekends and evening during the weekdays. Crescent Hill Radio has live music shows, talk shows, recorded music shows that include country, bluegrass, jazz, punk, and many more.

    We can likely see more programs and more big news coming from these two stations as they adjust to their new roles on your radio dials.

    Photo courtesy of ARTxFM Facebook page.

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