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    A local man is changing his relationship with food through a plant-based diet and the support of Louisville’s own Life Bar.

    Matt DiCapua, 39, just finished a 58-day juice and smoothie cleanse provided by Louisville’s own Life Bar. According to DiCapua, he’s 48 pounds down from his cleanse.

    Chase Barmore, owner of Life Bar, said “When he first came to us last year when he was doing a 60 day juice cleanse himself and we helped finish it up for him. Barmore put DiCapua on a six-drink-a-day regimen. “He was doing only juices, but on about day 30 he started doing some smoothies with juices,” Barmore said. “He [DiCapua] understands the power of juice and how it can really change and affect your life.”

    DiCapua said the cleanse can be very challenging, but his health and being a healthy influence on his children kept him motivated. “It can be extremely challenging because you can be in a bad mood,” he added. “The beginning was very difficult and the end was very difficult, but there were days and weeks in between where I felt amazing.”

    Before the cleanse, DiCapua said he felt “powerless and out of control,” but the benefit of the cleanse is a “fresh slate.” DiCapua said the main difference he has noticed in his health besides his weight loss is his improved sleeping habits. According to Barmore, other benefits that come from a cleanse include energy, a calm balanced mind, productivity, bowel movements, clear skin and an overall rejuvenated feeling.

    “The primary goal is to be healthy,” Barmore says. “Losing weight is just the byproduct.”

    Both Barmore and DiCapua agree that the cleanse is what they consider the first mile in a marathon. “The cleanse is like a new start and it weans you off of unhealthy foods,” DiCapua said. “It resets your palate.”

    Barmore added: “When he’s down we talk him through rough days and when he ‘s having a good day it’s pretty inspiring. He inspired me to do a 15 day cleanse,” he said. “We’ve been able to support him and we have customers in the morning that support him. It’s like a little club I would say. We’re like his booster club.”

    Despite finishing his cleanse, DiCapua said the hardest part of his next step is the post-cleanse life change. “Yeah, I’m off the couch and the cleanse is the first step,” he said. “There’s a lot more ahead of me than behind me.” He said the he and his family will continue to eat a mainly plant-based diet. “I have a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old and right now they’ve been entrusted to me,” he said. “I’m passing on eating habits to them.”

    DiCapua said even if you can’t commit to a full cleanse, you can always replace a meal with a juice or smoothie. Although a cleanse can be expensive, DiCapua said the convenience and accountability outweigh the cost of a cleanse. Barmore said a “50/50 cleanse” (half juices and half smoothies) is $55 per day, but he added that he might be able to work with people on price if they’re committed to a long term cleanse.

    According to DiCapua, “My life has changed so much…my message to people is that if you’re on the road and in a rush, go to a local place like Life Bar and replace one meal.”

    For more information, visit Life Bar or Matt DiCapua on their websites. Cover photo courtesy of Life Bar's facebook page.

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